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The Turn Verein

The Rock Island Turn Verein, or the Turner Society, as it is commonly styled, is one of the best known and most substantial organizations in the city. Its origin dates back to April 16, 1857, when it was known as the Turn...

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Royal Neighbors Of America

The Royal Neighbors of America, as a fraternal beneficiary society, was twelve years old in March, 1907, charter having been granted March 21, 1895. The first camp in the society-or rather the body from which the first camp of...

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The Rodman Rifles

Was mustered into the State service, by Colonel David O. Reid, adjutant-general commanding, September 5, 1877. numbering about seventy-five men. The first officers elected were. William P. Butler, captain; Charles W. Hawes,...

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Royal Arcanum

Rock Island Council, No. 1952, Royal Arcanum, was organized September 3, 1902, in Math’s Hall, with twenty-eight charter members. First officers elected were: Re-gent, Will A. Robb; vice-regent, William Ranson; orator,...

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Grand Army Of The Republic

In compiling the history of Rock Island County, it would not be complete without making mention of the Grand Army Posts, and their auxiliaries. Shortly after the close of the Civil War, the thought came in the minds of the...

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Arsenal Council, No. 171.

Arsenal Council of this city was organized in August, 1885, and its first officers were: President, H. D. Mack; vice-president, C. E. Hawley, speaker, Robert Bennett; ex-president, S. W. Raines,, secretary, W. J. Kahlke;...

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Fraternal Order Of Eagles

One of our most interesting societies is that of the Eagles. The Far West has the distinction of the origin of The Fraternal Order of Eagles. Its principles of liberty, truth, justice and equality, appeal to the most...

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The Fraternal Tribunes

The home offices of The Fraternal Tribunes, a fraternal insurance society having a national reputation, are located in Rock Island, and the society occupies the entire second story of the Carse Building. This is a Rock Island...

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