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9th Illinois Infantry

On the 24th day of April, the NINTH ILLINOIS INFANTRY VOLUNTEERS was mustered into the service at Springfield for the term of three months. It was one of the six regiments organized under the first call of the President, at the...

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7th Illinois Infantry

7th Illinois Infantry Illinois having sent six regiments to the Mexican war, by courtesy the numbering of the regiments which took part in the war for the Union began with number seven. A number of regiments which responded to...

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8th Illinois Infantry

8th Illinois Infantry On the 25th day of April 1861, the Regiment was organized at Springfield, and mustered in for three months’ service. Richard J. Oglesby, of Decatur, was appointed Colonel. The regiment was immediately...

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24th Illinois Infantry

24th Illinois Infantry The TWENTY-FOURTH INFANTRY OF ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS, known as the First Hecker Regiment (the Eighty-second being the Second), was organized at Chicago, with two companies, to-wit: the Union Cadets and the...

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25th Illinois Infantry

25th Illinois Infantry The TWENTY-FIFTH INFANTRY was composed of volunteers from the counties of Kankakee, Iroquois, Ford, Vermilion, Douglas, Coles, Champaign and Edgar. At the organization W. N. Coler, of Urbana, Illinois, was...

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23rd Illinois Infantry

23rd Illinois Infantry The organization of the TWENTY-THIRD INFANTRY ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS commenced under the popular name of the “Irish Brigade”, at Chicago, immediately upon the opening of hostilities at Sumter. It...

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22nd Illinois Infantry

22nd Illinois Infantry The TWENTY-SECOND INFANTRY ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS was organized at Belleville, Illinois, May 11, 1861, and was mustered into the United States service, for three years, at Caseyville, Illinois, June 25, 1861,...

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21st Illinois Infantry

21st Illinois Infantry This Regiment was called into the State service under the “Ten Regiment Bill”. It rendezvoused at Mattoon on the 9th day of May 1861. On the 15th day of May it was mustered into the State...

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20th Illinois Infantry

20th Illinois Infantry May 14, 1861, organized and went into camp at Joliet, Illinois. June 13, 1861, mustered into the service of the United States at Joliet, Illinois, for a term of three years. June 18, 1861, moved by rail...

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19th Illinois Infantry

19th Illinois Infantry The act of the Legislature of the State of Illinois, passed May 2d, 1861, authorizing the acceptance for State service of ten regiments of infantry, one regiment of cavalry and one battalion of light...

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