Civil War

Illinois in the Civil War

18th Illinois Infantry

18th Illinois Infantry This Regiment originally rendezvoused at Anna, Union county, Ill., May 16, 1861, for the Ninth Congressional District, under the “Ten Regiment Bill”. May 19 was mustered into the State service for thirty days, by Ulysses S. Grant, then State Mustering Officer, and was on the 28th of the same month, by Captain …

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17th Illinois Infantry

17th Illinois Infantry The SEVENTEENTH REGIMENT OF ILLINOIS INFANTRY VOLUNTEERS was mustered into the United States service at Peoria, Ill., on the 24th day of May 1861. Left camp on the 17th of June, for Alton, Ill., for the purpose of more fully completing its organization and arming. Late in July it proceeded from Alton …

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16th Illinois Infantry

16th Illinois Infantry The SIXTEENTH INFANTRY ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS was organized and mustered into United States service at Quincy, Ill., under the “Ten Regiment Act”, on the 24th day of May 1861. It was mustered in by Captain T. G. Pitcher, U.S.A. June 12, 1861, moved to Grand River as railroad guard; after which the Regiment …

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15th Illinois Infantry

15th Illinois Infantry The FIFTEENTH REGIMENT OF ILLINOIS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY was raised under the “Ten Regiment Act”, in the First Congressional District. Company A was from McHenry county; Company B, Winnebago county; Company C, Boone county; Company D, McHenry county; Company G, Stephenson county; Company H, Ogle county; Company I, Lake county; and Company K, …

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14th Illinois Infantry

14th Illinois Infantry The FOURTEENTH ILLINOIS INFANTRY was one of the regiments raised under the “Ten Regiment Bill”, which anticipated the requirements of the General Government by organizing, equipping and drilling a regiment in each Congressional District in the State for thirty days, unless sooner required for services by the United States. The companies were …

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13th Illinois Infantry

13th Illinois Infantry The THIRTEENTH REGIMENT ILLINOIS INFANTRY was one of the regiments organized under the act known as the Ten Regiment Bill. It was composed of companies as follows: “I” from Cook county, “H”, from Kane county, “K”, from Du Page county, “E” and “F” from DeKalb county, “A” and “C” from Lee county, …

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12th Illinois Infantry

12th Illinois Infantry The TWELFTH INFANTRY ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS was mustered into the United States service for three years August 1, 1861. The regiment remained at Cairo, where it was organized, until September 5, 1861, when, with the Ninth Illinois Infantry, it moved up to and occupied Paducah, being the first Union troops there. With the …

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10th Illinois Infantry

10th Illinois Infantry The TENTH ILLINOIS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY was one of the six Regiments called for by the Governor’s order of April 16, 1861. It was formed from the first four companies that reported at Springfield, April 20, 1861, which were ordered to Cairo on the 22nd, and there, with three other Infantry and three …

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11th Illinois Infantry

11th Illinois Infantry The Regiment was first called into service under proclamation of the President, April 16, 1861; organized at Springfield and mustered into service April 30, 1861, by Captain Pope, for three months. During this term of service the regiment was stationed at Villa Ridge, Ill., to June 20, then removed to Bird’s Point, …

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