Rock Island County Churches

The United Presbyterian Church

The United Presbyterian Church of Rock Island, Illinois, was organized as an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, July 1, 1854, by direction of the second A. R. P. Presbytery of Illinois. The Reverend Matthew Bigger, together with Ruling Elders John Colins and William Haverfield, met in the seminary building, in the rear of the Memorial Christian Church. The organization was effected by admitting into membership fourteen members from the A. R. P. Church, five members from the A. P. Church and one on profession of faith, making a total of twenty members. The first elders were Erskin McClellan, James Todd and …

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The Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church, Moline

The church was organized in September, 1849, by Reverend Jonas Hedstrom of, it is said, seven members. Among them was Claus Bengston, the first Swedish settler in Moline. The meetings of the church were held in Mr. Bengston’s home for more than ten years. In 1860 the first church was built on Park Street and Boardman Avenue, now Seventh Avenue and Fifteenth Street or “Five Points.” That building was sold in 1871 and the old American Methodist church was bought and moved to the corner of Henry and Lynde Streets, now Fifth Avenue and Sixteenth Street, where the new church …

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Trinity Episcopal Church

Some time prior to 1853, Reverend Louder-back held Episcopal services in Rock Island; the first recorded vestry meeting being held at Trinity parish November 12, 1853. The organization of Holy Trinity Church was effected about this period. Among the original members were Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Harris, Mrs. Langley, Mrs. Joseph Brackett, Mrs. Goldsmith and Mr. Bailey Davenport. The first church was finished June 11, 1857, at a cost of $2,000. The present church was completed January 30, 1870, at an original cost of $16,000. Reverend L. Goodall was elected first rector October 18, 1854. Trinity Episcopal Church belongs …

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St. Paul’s (Belgian) Catholic Church.

St. Paul’s Church, located on Twenty-fourth Street and Eighth and a half Avenue, was opened for services for the first time on February 5, 1905. On that occasion the choir rendered beautiful music and the pastor, Reverend J. B. Ceulemans, delivered the sermon, in which he spoke of the many previous attempts which were made to organize a parish in which the Belgian Catholics of Rock Island could worship together in a congregation all of their own people. Although their place of worship is very modest, it is quite attractive inside. The Reverend J. B. Ceulemans was born in Belgium, …

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St. James Catholic Church

Reverend J. G. Allemann came to Rock Island, Illinois, in 1850, started to organize a church and began building in the Summer of 1851 a stone church, the size being forty by sixty-six feet, and dedicated it St. James Church, it being the first Catholic Church in Rock Island, and Reverend J. G. Allemann being the first pastor. Reverend J. G. Allemann getting advanced in years, in May, 1856, was succeeded by Reverend John P. Donelan, he remaining as assistant to Reverend John P. Donelan until 1859, when Reverend John P. Donelan was transferred to Rockford, Illinois. Reverend P. J. …

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Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Moline

This church was organized with fifty members about 1850. Its membership is considerably over a thousand, with over three hundred Sunday school scholars. Reverend L. P. Esbjorn, in charge at Andover, Henry County, was pastor also of this church up to 1856, and under his ministry the first church was built. He was succeeded by Reverend O. C. T. Andreen, till 1860; Reverend G. Peters, till 1863; Reverend J. S. Benson, from 1866 to 1873; followed by the Reverend A. G. Setterdahl. The present pastor is Reverend Lawrence A. Johnston. The present church building is of brick, in the Gothic …

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St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Moline

Is located at the southeast, corner of Tenth Street and Fourth Avenue. Reverend Joseph S. Kelly is rector, and Reverend Michael Gildea, assistant rector. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

St. Anthony’s (Roman Catholic) Church

The first Catholic priest to officiate at Moline was Father Allemann, of Rock Island, in 1857. He held services at different places outside of his regular parish, at Moline, Hampton, and other points. In 1858 the church was built in Moline. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

Spencer Memorial Methodist Church

At a conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church for this district, held during the month of September, 1900, J. B. Rutter, the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at Milan, asked the Elder and the Conference for the privilege of organizing a church in the Edgewood Park district, between the cities of Rock Island and Moline, and this permission was granted to him, and on the 25th day of April, 1901, he and his wife, Ella Alter Rutter, organized a Sunday school, with Mr. Rutter as pastor and Miss Maud Maxwell secretary. On June 5, he organized a society known …

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The Second Methodist Episcopal Church, Moline

The Second Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the year 1890 by the Reverend Addis Albro, who was then pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and Presiding Elder M. A. Head of the Rock Island District. The United Brethren Church owned a building in Stewartville, and their membership was fast becoming extinct, when they decided to dispose of their church property. The building was purchased from the United Brethren people, and steps were taken at once to organize a Second Methodist Church in Stewartville, now known as South Moline. Into this new organization were received forty-eight members from the …

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