Rock Island County Churches

Methodist Episcopal Church of Bethesda, Canoe Creek Township

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Bethesda, was built in 1859, by Reverend Stephen Odell, Perry Henderson and others. It is located about a mile southwest of Hillsdale. It has a fair membership, with a good Sunday school attendance. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

Hampton, Illinois Churches

The Methodist Episcopal Church was founded by the Reverend G. G. Worthington in 1842 or 1843. Among its members were Harmon G. Reynolds, E. F. Arcularius and wife, and Nancy Thompson; the membership being eleven. The church has belonged to respectively the Rock Island circuit, Moline circuit, Port Byron circuit, when in 1865 the Hampton circuit was organized. In 1870 Hampton was joined to Zuma and called Rock River circuit. In 1874 Zuma was cut off and Hampton circuit resumed. The Congregational Church was organized February 15, 1853, by the Reverend A. B. Hitchcock, with a membership of fourteen. A …

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German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Congregation

This body of Lutherans-as indeed the whole Missouri Synod, of which it is a part-takes a firm stand on the basis of the Church of the Reformation; accepting the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, as being throughout the inspired Word of God, and the only rule and standard of doctrine and life. It accepts, as a true and correct exhibition of the doctrines of Scripture, the entire confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as contained in the Book of Concord of 1580. Its central doctrine is: full atonement by Christ, and justification by grace, through faith in Christ …

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The German Methodist Episcopal Church

The Rock River Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church began a mission among the German people of Rock Island in September of the year 1855, sending Reverend Ullrich von Gunter as first missionary, and after two years work among the Germans he had succeeded in gathering a membership large enough to build the German Methodist Church on Twentieth Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, where also the first parsonage was built. This church was dedicated by Reverend Haas in 1857. By this time the St.. Louis German Conference had been organized and this mission was turned over to said German …

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German Evangelical Friedens Congregation

This congregation, a member of the German Evangelical Synod of North America, was founded September 8, 1895, by Reverend C. F. Off, with thirty members. The first officers elected were: Martin Oswald, Henry Fues, Herman Meese, John Wendt. In April, 1896, Reverend Theo F. Krueger, of Cumberland, Indiana, was elected as permanent pastor of the congregation. In the Summer of this year the congregation bought the church property of the English Methodist Episcopal congregation, at 516 Ninth Street. In October, 1899, Reverend Krueger left the congregation, and Reverend J. F. C. Trefzer was elected as his successor. Under his management …

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The First Swedish Baptist Church, Moline

The First Swedish Baptist Church of Moline, Illinois, was organized May 7, 1876. Those organizing themselves to a church were before members of the Swedish Church in Rock Island, which was organized in 1853. The counsel present at the organization was: Doctor Nasbitt, D. Hawes and D. Colby from the American Church in Rock Island; Reverend Powell, Rockbausch and Williams, from Davenport; Reverend L. L. Frisk, P. Halling, A. Y. Yonson, P. Flodin and C. O. Yensen from the Swedish Baptist Church, of Rock Island; Reverend T. F. Borches, Frank Sinnet and O. Gunnell, from the American Baptist Church, Moline. …

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First Methodist Episcopal Church

The only surviving member at the present time is Nancy Hartzell, widow of the late Michael Hartzell, and mother of Joseph Hartzell, bishop of Africa, who for a number of years has been accomplishing a wonderful work on that continent.. During the formative period of the church it had no place of worship of its own. In its beginning the society met at the home of J. W. Spencer. This was a log house that stood near Seventh Avenue and Nineteenth Street. There Methodist preachers always found a cordial welcome. Without disparagement to others it may safely be said that …

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The First Presbyterian Church Of Milan

The First Presbyterian Church of Milan, Illinois, originally known as the First Presbyterian Church of Camden, Old School Branch, was organized in April, 1845. The town was laid out in 1843, and as the settlers were mainly God-fearing men and women, they soon felt the need of a religious organization. As the majority of those who desired the church were of Presbyterian belief, they resolved, with Mr. William Dickson at the head, to organize a church of this denomination. To this end, notice was duly given to the people of the town of Camden and vicinity to meet in the …

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First Congregational Church, Moline

Organized 1844. First pastor, Reverend A. B. Hitchcock, a Yale graduate, and a man of great influence in the community. The first chorister was Anson M. Hubbard, and who organized the first brass band in the three cities. He developed a strong chorus choir, the parent of all Moline’s later musical organizations. The first church building was a small wooden structure, now occupied as the freight depot of the Burlington railroad. A brick structure was erected at Seventeenth Street and Fifth Avenue in 1869, and this was remodeled at an expense of $40,000 in 1900. The church is unusually complete …

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First Church Of Christ (Scientist)

First Church of Christ, Scientist, of Rock Island, Illinois, is a branch of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts. It was organized on November 2, 1896, to take possession of and conduct services in the church edifice which had been erected for its use by a few adherents of the Christian Science faith. This was the first church edifice erected iii the State of Illinois to be used exclusively for the Christian Science worship. Its location is on Twenty-third Street, near Ninth Avenue, and near the geographical center of the city. The dedicatory service, held on November 8, …

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