Rock Island County Churches

Edgington, Illinois Churches

The Presbyterian Church, organized in the Dunlap cabin in the Fall of 1837, was the first church organized in Edgington. Joseph Dunlap and Daniel Montgomery were the first elders. The organization was effected by Reverend John Montgomery, an itinerant home missionary, by appointment of the Presbytery of Schuyler. Church services were held for several years once a month, or at long intervals, in the Dunlap cabin during Winter months and in the barn in Summer. Reverend John Montgomery, the first minis-ter, was a brother of Daniel Montgomery. The Montgomeries came from Pennsylvania in 1836; Daniel locating “far out on the …

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First Baptist Church

This church was organized June 4, 1837, at the house of Lemuel Ludden, which stood just east of the present city limits, near Sechler’s carriage works. There were only seven members at that time, viz: Reverend Titus Gillet, Zachariah Cook, Barbara Cook, Lemuel Ludden, Silah Ludden, Phoebe Skinner and Nancy Taylor. They selected Reverend Titus Gillet as pastor. Meetings were held in private houses, and later in the Court House. On June 8, 1844, the “brick school house,” then standing on Union Square-now Spencer Square-was purchased for $45.34 1/4, and fitted as a place of worship. The first real church …

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First Baptist Church, Moline

Reverend Joseph Elliot, a clergyman from Ohio came here in November, 1850, on a visit to his son, residing here. He was invited to preach, and did so; curiosity drawing a large congregation to hear the stranger. On the evening of January 18, 1851, the church was organized, with twenty members, the Reverend Mr. Elliot being its first pastor, succeeded by Reverends Ebernhart, L. C. Carr, F. D. Rickerson, William Patterson, Isaac Newell, T. F. Borchers and G. F. Linfield, respectively. The present pastor is the Reverend Benjamin F. Martin. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, …

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First Baptist Church Of Water Town

This church was organized July 27, 1865, by Elder H. S. P. Warren, Laura J. Warren, Mary A. Bayte, Mary E. Newton, and E. Warren. The first pastor was Elder H. S. P. Warren. They built a house of worship in 1877, which was greatly improved in 1906. The present pastor is Reverend H. W. Parker. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

Edgewood Baptist Church

The church was organized December 3, 1905, by the coming together of twenty-seven Baptists from the First Church of Moline and Rock Island. They called H. a Hayden as pastor on December 10, 1905. The church grew to sixty-two members. The title to the old Baptist Chapel on Forty-fourth Street was cleared by action of, the First Baptist Church and the residuary heirs of Mr. Sinnett. The building was moved to a lot on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Forty-fourth Street, donated by Mrs. Pauline Sinnett; the parsonage, also donated by her, is on this lot. Churches of Rock …

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Drury Township, Illinois Churches

At Wrayville the German Methodists have a church, built in 1875, at a cost of $1,000. They also have a parsonage, in which the Reverend Carwell resides. Near Foster the Baptists have a house of worship, built about 1871, through the efforts of their first pastor, Reverend E. Odell. A parsonage was built for the occupancy of the pastor, who is now Reverend Spiller. Churches of Rock Island County Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

Cordova, Illinois Churches

In the Fall of 1843, Elder Jesse N. Seeley, a missionary under the American Baptist Home Mission Society, held a series of meetings, resulting in the conversion of a number of persons, ten of whom were baptized by Elder Jesse N. Seeley. These, with others in this vicinity who were members of Baptist churches in other places, united in measures for church organization, and called a council of delegates from other churches for a meeting on December 28, 1843. The following brethren were present: James Turner, Enos French, John Campbell, William Hubbard, William Parkhurst, Bath Church; Luther Edwards, Reverend E. …

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Coe Township, Illinois Churches

The Church of the United Brethren in Christ was organized at the house of Father John Walker, on Canoe Creek, in 1847, where the earliest meetings were held. The first church was built in 1849, at a cost of three hundred dollars, but replaced by a new one in 1868, at an expense of $3,000. The pastors have been Herman Scott, Moses Clifton, E. Church, John Dollarhide, W. E. Henry, F. Dietz, Merrit Lathrop, J. K. M. Looker, A. B. Frasier, J. H. Young, G. Brisby, George Snyder, C. Wendle, J. H. Grimin, W. R. Coursey, S. F. Medlar and …

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Christ Church, Moline

The Episcopal church was late in coming to Moline. It was organized May 22, 1891, as a mission under grant from Bishop Burgess. Sixty persons signed the application to the Bishop and called the Reverend Robert Hewitt as first priest in charge. For several years the organization met in the association rooms in the auditorium. The congregation was incorporated under the laws of the State on September 11, 1891, and adopted a constitution. The first wardens were George B. Hull and John A. Mann. Reverend L. Sinclair came from Sudbury, Ontario, to the charge of the parish in September, 1892, …

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Coal Valley, Illinois Churches

Coal Valley is well supplied with churches. The Welsh Baptist Church was organized in 1866, under the supervision of Reverend T. M. Matthews, remaining its pastor until 1870. In 1867 the Presbyterian Church was organized, with John Barton, Albert Owens, Frederic Freeburg, Hugh Caughey and Robert Lee as trustees; the membership numbering twenty-five members. A church was built the same year, costing $2,500. The Primitive Methodists were organized in 1868, a church being erected the following year, costing $2,000. Their first preacher was Reverend Charles Dawson, who came from Kewanee once a month. It was some time before they had …

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