Families of Cherry Valley Illinois

The Lantz Family of Cherry Valley

John Lantz emigrated to America on May 7, 1869, settling in Cherry Valley, Illinois, where he initially worked for Wallace Mackey’s father. He married Christina Wilhelmina Anderson on August 26, 1871. They had six children: Albert, May, Nellie, Jennie, Arthur, and Esther. The Lantz family lived in Cherry Valley, then on a farm east of the village, and eventually on a 240-acre farm south of Cherry Valley owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jenks. Later, they moved to a farm west of Cherry Valley. Both John and Christina are buried in the Cherry Valley Cemetery. Esther Fonken, their surviving child, lives in Belvidere, along with grandchildren Lewis Hawkey and Mildred Cooper.

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The Kling and Dahlberg Families of Cherry Valley

John and Johanna Kling, Swedish immigrants, settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in 1868. They built a home on South Mill Road and, after John’s early death at 32, Johanna and their sons moved to 313 Genoa Street. Charles Kling married Alma Dahlberg, whose parents, John and Lena Dahlberg, moved to Cherry Valley from Curtiss, Wisconsin, in 1908. The Dahlbergs built homes at 526 West State Street and later moved to 117 South Cherry Street. Their granddaughter, Viola Kling Green, married Homer Green in 1937. The Greens have lived at 117 South Cherry Street since then, operating an antique shop since 1950.

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Hyland Bros

Edward Hyland Family of Cherry Valley

Edward Hyland, an Irish immigrant, established a prosperous farm in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in the mid-19th century. At his death in 1913, he was recognized as one of the wealthiest and most respected men in the area. Edward’s community involvement and religious devotion were significant, contributing to the establishment of St. Rita’s Church. His son, Charles Joseph Hyland, served as mayor for five terms and on the Winnebago County Board for 16 years. The Hyland family, including Charles’ wife Myrtle and their children, continued to contribute to Cherry Valley’s development through various community and business endeavors.

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The Healy Family History of Cherry Valley

Helen Healey Monahan, born in 1916, was the daughter of Tom and Nell Healey. Tom, born in 1871 to John and Margaret Culhane Healey, was one of six siblings who mostly settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois. Nell, born in 1874 to John and Bridget Fallon, was one of 13 children. Helen married Robert Monahan in 1941. Her siblings included Lucille, John, Francis, and Monsignor Joseph Healey. The Healey family resided in several homes in Cherry Valley, with Tom working at Ray Lee’s Hardware Store and serving as Postmaster. Helen’s recollections provide a vivid portrayal of Cherry Valley’s past, its community, and local businesses.

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Frank and Anna Peterson

The Hall Family of Cherry Valley

Seth Everett Hall, born June 7, 1845, in Earlville, New York, married Jeanne C. Nead in 1866 and had one child, Jeannie Cornelia Hall, before Jeanne’s death in 1868. He married Fayette McNaire in 1876, having seven children. Seth and Fayette settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois, where Seth operated a nursery business and served as Mayor in 1900. The Hall family was active in local politics and community affairs, with significant contributions to Cherry Valley’s development. The family home at 518 West State Street became a local landmark. Seth Jr. continued the family legacy, marrying twice and having two children.

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Ira A. & Hattie F. Green Family of Cherry Valley

In 1841, John Brinck purchased eighty acres of land on North Mill Road, Cherry Valley. This land changed hands several times, with notable owners including Rufus C. Potter, Charles Pehl, and Gustaf Gustafson. In 1914, Ira A. Green and his wife Hattie bought the farm, moving there in 1915. Ira farmed the land, served as a tax assessor, and was active in community organizations. Their son, Robert P. Green, took over the farm in 1928. Robert and his wife Frances later sold the farm in 1974 for development into Cherry North Estates. Ira and Hattie Green are buried in Cherry Valley Cemetery.

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The John H. Gorsuch Family of Cherry Valley

John H. Gorsuch, his wife Leora, and daughter Laura June moved from Rockford to Cherry Valley on June 1, 1936. Sons John R. (Jack) and Gerald (Jerry) were born in 1937 and 1942, respectively. John purchased land and built their home from an old interurban streetcar. He later built additional homes and ran several businesses, including a root beer stand and restaurants. Jack served in the Marine Corps, and Jerry graduated from DeVry Technical College. John H. was an Explorer Advisor, leading various activities for local boys. The Gorsuch family lived in Cherry Valley for 28 years before relocating to Spooner, Wisconsin, in 1964.

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Unidentified Garrett family photograph

The Garrett Clan of Cherry Valley

The Garrett family, originating from the Isle of Man, settled in America in 1827. Thomas Garrett and his wife, Margaret Kewish, initially lived in Painesville, Ohio, before moving to Rockford, Illinois, in 1838. Thomas, Rockford’s first shoemaker, later acquired a farm on Mulford Road. Their descendants, including Thomas’s son Will Garrett, played significant roles in the local community, with Will serving in various township positions and being active in the Masonic Lodge. The Garrett legacy continued through multiple generations, contributing to the development and history of Cherry Valley, Illinois.

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A portrait of an unknown Gable of Cherry Valley, Illinois

The Gables of Cherry Valley

William Gable and his wife, Betsey (Leib), arrived in Cherry Valley from Erie County, New York, in 1849 with their seven children. They settled on eighty acres of government land. William briefly served in the Civil War. Their son, Henry Gable, married Minerva Wood and remained in Cherry Valley, raising two children, Fannie and Chester. Fannie married Alden E. Cramer, while Chester married Flora Ward, and they had sons John N. and Harvey J. Gable. The Gable family’s legacy includes farming and local contributions, with their descendants continuing to reside in the area.

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Herbert and Mildred Fisher

Fisher Family History of Cherry Valley

John Fisher, born on April 8, 1819, in Pennsylvania, moved to Illinois in 1849 and settled in Winnebago County in 1865. He married Sally Mason, born in December 1819, and they had thirteen children. John operated a successful flour mill in Cherry Valley with his son Solomon. He and Sally lived at 417 Genoa Road before retiring to Louisiana. Their son William F. Fisher, born on September 20, 1858, in Ogle County, Illinois, married Phoebe Castle and had four children. William and Phoebe retired to Cherry Valley. Their son, Herbert William Fisher, born on April 14, 1889, was a carpenter and businessman in Cherry Valley.

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Fred Davis when young

The Davis Family of Cherry Valley

Thaddeus and Katherine Kirkland Davis, early pioneers from New York, settled in Rockford, Illinois, in 1839. Their son Jacob, born in 1833, married Harriet Campbell, and they had two sons and a daughter. Abram E. Davis, Jacob and Harriet’s son, purchased a farm on Mill Road and had a son, Fred, born in 1894. Fred, who served in World War I, later developed Davisville and served on the Cherry Valley School Board. He married Emma Enders in 1932, and they had two daughters, Anne and Leslie. The Davis family has a long history of community involvement and land ownership in Cherry Valley.

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Charlie and Mary Culver

Charles Culver Family of Cherry Valley

Charles Benson Culver, born in 1873 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, married Mary Adams, born in 1880 in Beath, Scotland, in 1903. The couple moved to Cherry Valley in 1906, where they opened the town’s first general merchandise store. Their home at 113 North Van Buren Street was where they raised their three children: John Classon, Charles David, and Ruby Mae. The store was a central hub until a devastating fire in 1928 destroyed it. Charles subsequently opened a gas station on the same lot. Both Charles and Mary died in 1956. Their descendants have since spread across various states, continuing the family legacy.

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The Klontz Family of Cherry Valley

Dr. Charles Edward Klontz brought the Klontz name to Cherry Valley in 1904 when he began his medical practice after graduating from Northwestern University Medical School. He married Elizabeth Wilmira Case, a Knox College Conservatory of Music graduate and daughter of David and Emma Case. The couple initially lived in Rockford but soon returned to Cherry Valley, where Dr. Klontz practiced until his death in 1947. They had four children: Edward, Gladys, David, and Charles Jr. Dr. Klontz was known for his dedicated community service, house calls, and contributions to the local medical and farming communities. His legacy continued through his children and their contributions to Cherry Valley and beyond.

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The Case Family of Cherry Valley

Amon Case, born October 8, 1816, in Hoosick, New York, was a Cherry Valley pioneer who purchased his first farm in 1846. He married Mary Jane Lamb in 1846, and they moved to Cherry Valley, Illinois, settling on a 160-acre farm. Amon became a prominent farmer, acquiring over 2500 acres and raising large herds of livestock. The couple were active in the Cherry Valley Baptist Church. They had five children: Amy, Charles, David, Joseph, and Elizabeth. Amon died in 1883, and Mary Jane in 1908. Their descendants continued to play significant roles in Cherry Valley’s development and community life.

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The Cricket in Creek Valley

Chesak and Johnson Families in Cherry Valley

Martin Chesak, born in 1861, and his wife Anna, also born in 1861, moved to Cherry Valley from Trenton, Wisconsin, in 1895. They bought a farm that was part of John Brown’s broom corn farm and had three daughters: Mamie, Kathryn, and Rose. Martin died in 1941, and Anna in 1935. Mamie married Len Johnson in 1908, and they had six children. Len operated a lunch room and the creamery wagon service. Kathryn married Bill Oberg, running the Cricket confectionery, while Rose died young. Descendants of the Chesak family, including the Nymans and Lofquists, have continued to live and contribute to the Cherry Valley community.

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Luke Burke's Blacksmith Shop

The Burke Family of Cherry Valley

The Burke family, originally from Ireland, settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois, with Luke Burke, born August 20, 1842. Luke served in the Union Army during the Civil War from 1861 to 1864. He married Catherine McGrath on November 25, 1846, and they lived at 202 Grove Street, now home to their grandson Emmett Burke. Luke, a village blacksmith, died in 1897, and Catherine in 1939. Their children included Mamie, Harry, George, and Emmett. Harry ran a dry goods store, while George lived on Genoa Road. The Burke family has significantly contributed to Cherry Valley’s community and history, spanning multiple generations.

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Will and Mae Brown

Will and Mae Brown of Cherry Valley

Will Brown, born November 11, 1885, in Mendota, Illinois, married Mae Lang, born August 18, 1885, on a farm near Malta, Illinois, on December 23, 1908. They had one daughter, Bessie, born November 20, 1910. The Browns moved to Cherry Valley in 1927, initially living on a farm in Flora Township before settling in Cherry Valley. Will worked at Atwoods and Cases, retiring at 73. Mae and Will were known for their community involvement and their beautiful garden. Their daughter Bessie married O. Fletcher Landquist, and they had three children: Carol, Joan, and Jim.

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The Booth Family In Cherry Valley

Clayton L. Booth, born on August 4, 1902, lived in Cherry Valley, Illinois, from 1906 to 1918. His family moved from Chicago when he was four. They resided on South Mill Road, while his grandparents lived on East State Street. His father, William Booth, worked as a road commissioner and supplied materials for concrete work. Clayton attended local schools and was part of the first Boy Scout Troop in Cherry Valley. In 1918, the Booths returned to Chicago, where Clayton worked for Commonwealth Edison for over 47 years, retiring in 1967. His mother, Anna, remained active in community service.

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The Bauer Family of Cherry Valley

William and Carrie Wellsbay Bauer and their six children—Clyde, Frank, Ida, Floyd, Cathryn, and Howard—relocated to Cherry Valley, Illinois, in September 1917 due to William’s job transfer with the railroad. The family home, located at 114 South Walnut Street, was where they lived until Mrs. Bauer’s death in 1950. William Bauer served on the Cherry Valley Village Board from 1925-1929 and 1931-1939. The Bauer children pursued various careers, with some remaining in Cherry Valley and others moving to Rockford. This article chronicles their lives and the extended family’s local connections and contributions.

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Scout Troop

The Aten Family In Cherry Valley

The Aten family of Cherry Valley, Illinois, has a rich history detailed by Raymond Aten. Albert S. Aten (1859-1925), originally from Tecumseh, Michigan, married Alice G. Meeker (1865-1933) in 1888. They settled on a farm near Cherry Valley before moving to town in 1906. Albert, a rural mail carrier, served the community for 23 years, while Alice was active in local church affairs. They had four children: Lulu, Walter, Ralph, and Raymond. The family contributed significantly to the local community through various roles and activities, including military service and civic engagement.

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