Ogle County

Lee County Illinois

Biography of Adolphus Fisher

Trace the pioneering journey of Adolphus Fisher, born into an early settler family in Ohio in 1847, and his evolution into a successful farmer in Wyoming Township. His tale is a testament to perseverance and innovation, from his family’s early struggles in Ohio to establishing a prosperous life in Illinois. Alongside his wife, Dolly Siglin, Adolphus cultivated not just the land, but a legacy of hard work and resilience. This introduction offers a glimpse into the Fisher family’s contribution to the American agricultural landscape, embodying the spirit of enterprise and community.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Thomas J. Buckaloo

Thomas J. Buckaloo is a respected farmer in Dixon Township, managing 141 acres inherited from his pioneering family. Born in 1842 into a family with Dutch and Irish roots, Thomas has dedicated his life to agriculture, except for a brief stint as a carpenter. His marriage to Maggie A. Craddock, whose family brought milling innovation to Ogle County, Illinois, has produced five children, with some following in their father’s educational footsteps. Valued for their integrity, the Buckaloos are well-regarded in their community. Politically a Republican, Thomas focuses on his farm, boasting quality livestock and fruitful lands, embodying the success of hard work and heritage.

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