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List of Burials in Fox Cemetery, Valley Township

This list of burials in Fox Cemetery, Valley Township was taken in 1920 by Stewart Campbell. He reported at the time that some of the graves were difficult to read, and some stones were buried. He also reported that there was evidence that many graves had been moved away.

The John Smith Family of Northwest Princeville

“The John Smith Family of Northwest Princeville” is a biography written by Miss Mary J. Smith in 1906. The book details the lives of John Smith and his wife Jane Payne, who settled in Princeville Township in Illinois in 1844. The couple, along with other friends and relatives, traveled from Virginia to Illinois in prairie schooners, enduring six weeks on the road. The book describes the couple’s lives as pioneers, their family history, and their contributions to the community. The biography also highlights the religious and pious nature of the Smith family, including the family’s devotion to family worship.

History and reminiscences vol 1

The Sloan Family of Princeville

The Sloan Family, written by S.S. Slane in 1906, recounts the story of Jerome Sloan and his family, who left New York in 1837 and settled in Princeville, Illinois. The family consisted of the mother, five sons, and one daughter, and they faced hardships and privations during their pioneer life. Jerome Sloan married Charlotte Barnes in 1860, and together they had eleven children. Despite never being associated with any religious community, Mr. Sloan held strong beliefs of his own. At the time of the writing, he was 93 years old and in excellent health.

History and reminiscences vol 1

Daniel Prince

The article, “Daniel Prince” by Mrs. J. E. Merritt in 1906, recounts the story of the first white man to settle in the Grove area of Illinois in 1821. Daniel Prince lived a solitary life among the wild men of the forest until he married in 1833 and started a family. He was known for his hospitality and kindness to his neighbors, often providing food for the poor in the vicinity. Despite his lack of religious profession, he allowed ministers to hold services in his cabin. The article offers an insight into the life of this pioneer and the impact he had on the community he helped found.

Stark County Illinois Obituaries

This page contains Stark County Illinois obituaries that have been transcribed and submitted for publishing online by descendants. Not all of these obituaries are properly sources, but many are. I expect, unless otherwise noted, that they all come from the Stark County News.

Biography of Perry Stancliff of Wyoming Illinois

One of the first settlers of the town of Wyoming, Stark County, IL was Perry Stancliff who in 1844, five years after Stark County was formed in 1839, moved to Illinois and purchased the land one mile south of the Village of Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois, upon which he developed “Sunnyside Farm”. The house built by Perry stood in 1995 on the outskirts of Wyoming. On Aug. 17, 1848, Perry Stancliff and Martha Caroline Davis daughter of Daniel and Rachael [Ennis] Davis were married. Daniel Davis is one of the Pioneers listed in the Stark County “Old Settlers Association” and …

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History of Bureau County, Illinois Title Page

Biography of Jonathan T. Currier of Neponset, Illinois

Among our self-made men in Bureau County, who owe their success in life to their energy and perseverance, we place him whose name heads this sketch. He was born July 9, 1823, in Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont. His father Asa Currier, was born April 21, 1891, in the same place. He died March 16, 1868, in Osceola, Stark County., Illinois. He came to Stark County on Sunday, August 26, 1838, having come through with teams from Vermont, where he had been a farmer, which occupation he followed here. The grandfather of J. T. Courier was David Courier, who was also …

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Stark County Illinois and its People vol 2

Biography of Hon. Cyrus Bocock of Bradford, Illinois

One can hardly mention a phase of development of Stark county with which Hon. Cyrus Bocock of Bradford has not been prominently connected, and he is well known outside the limits of the county, for he served for two terms in the state legislature and was for eight years a member of the board of equalization. Not only does he command the respect of all with whom he is associated because of his marked ability, but he also has the faculty of making and retaining friends and is probably the most popular man in the county. A native of Ohio, …

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Biography of John Armstrong of Neponset, Illinois

John Armstrong, Neponset, was born February 17, 1836, in Newcastleton, Roxboroshire, England. His father, Wm. Armstrong was also a native of Scotland, where he died. He was an active member of the Presbyterian Church, and a mason by occupation. The grandfather of our subject, John Armstrong, Sr., was a native of Scotland, where his ancestors had resided several centuries, they being one of the first families in the realm, and are honorably mentioned in he history of Scotland as ardent supporters of the Scottish crown. (See Scottish Chiefs). The mother of our subject, Margaret Telfor, is a native of Scotland, …

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