Burials in Schiebel Cemetery, Essex Township

Near School Yard, S. W corner N. W. 1/4 Sec. 25; Essex Township
Data From Stones Copied 1928
As Accurately as Possible


Gottlieb Schiebel, 1825-1908
Rosina, wife of Gottlieb Schiebel, Died 1892; Age 65 Years.
Frank Schiebel, 1884-1912.
Lizzie Schiebel, Died 1881; Age 17 Years.
Minnie, Daughter of C. and R. Shiebel (so spelled on stone.) Date not legible; Age 8 Months.
Chas. O., son of J. C. and R. Scheibel (so spelled on stone,) Died 1878; Age 3 Months.
Gottfried Fritz, 1824-1897.
Louisa, wife of Gottfried Fritz, 1827-1884.
Christian Fritz, 1819-1902.
Christian F. Fritz, Died 1874; Age 17 Years.
Mary, wife of John Fritz, Died 1877; Age 18 Years.
Also her two infant children.
Wi1lie, son of J. and M. Fritz, 1877-1878.
Dora B., daughter of J. and M. Fritz, 1899-1899.
Caroline E. Fritz, Died 1874; Age 15 Years.
Margaretha S. Fritz, Died 1874; Age 19 Years.
Charles F. Schultz, 1810-1893.
Julinna T., wife of Charles F. Schultz, 1815-1887.
Charles N. Hull, 1836-1892.
Calista E. Hull, 1845-1907.
Mabel Hull, 1875-1876.
Eugene D. Hull, 1876-1881.
Florence M. Hull, 1879-1881.
Emma Schiebel, wife of James Jackson, 1859-1904.
Infant of James Jackson, Died 1884.
Mamie B. Jackson, 1890-1905.
Frank E. Bailey, 1861-1863.
Arthur L. Bailey, 1868-1870.
Sons of T. and S. E. Bailey.
David Martin, 1846-1926, Co. D 47th regiment, Ill. Inf.
Austie Martin, 1875-1894.
Sammie Martin.
Infant son.
The last three are sons of David and Eliza Jane Martin. Graves not marked.
John Axell Berg, 1850-1926.
Hannah Albertina Berg, wife of above, 1855-1919.
John Nelson, father of Mrs. Hannah Berg, Died 1907, grave not marked.
Above three born in Sweden.
Joseph Eby, Died 1882; Age 85 Years.
William Dawson, Died 1885; Age 75 Years.
Amelia Dawson, Died 1893; Age 88 Years.
Minerva Dawson, 1837-1915.
Clarinda Dawson, “daughter of W. M. Dawson, Nov. 10, 1844.
Rachel, wife of John Koerner, 1841-1880.
Sewell Smith, Died 1873; Age 63.
Sarah M., wife of S. Smith, 1817-1885.
Mary E., daughter of S. and S. M. Smith, Died 1858; Age 1 Year.
Charles, son of S. and S. M. Smith, Died 1863; Age 5 Years.
Myra Mandana, daughter of S. and S. M. Smith, died 1863. Age 12 Years.
Edwin L. Smith, Died 1862; Age 21 Years, Co. K 86th Ill Volunteers.
Gottlieb Klepfer, 1832-1881.
Henrietta Klepfer, 1841-1897.
Albert Klepfer, Died 1881.
Lizzie Klepfer, Died 1881.
Matilda Klepfer, Died 1881.
Charles Klepfer, Died 1881.
Lulu, daughter of Wm. and Frederika Klepfer, Died 1898.
F. Gottlob Schulthriss, Geb. Feb., 13, 1871, Alter 31 Jahre.

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