List of Burials in Fox Cemetery, Valley Township

Near S. E. Corner Sec. 28, Valley Township
Inscriptions copied from stones


Some read with difficulty, some stones buried,
some illegible and evidence that many graves have been moved away in recent years.

George H. Hixson, Son of H. and S. J. Hixson, Died 1881, aged 10 Years.
John K., Son of P. and F. Felker, Died 1870, Aged 9 Years.
James Jackson, 1796-1871.
Elizabeth Jackson, wife of James Jackson, Died 1876, Aged 80 Years.
George Jackson, 1821-1888.
In the same lot are two little stones marked J. J. and E. J. J.
Nelson, Son of George and M. A. Jackson, Died 1864, age not legible, probably 2 years.
Mattie H., daughter of J. and E. Jackson, Died 1874, Aged 16 Months.
Henry C., Son of J. and N. C. Birlingmair, Died 1859, Aged 3 Weeks.
Sherman, Son of D. and N. Hodges, Died 1881, Aged 16 Years.
Lorenzo M., Son of I. (?) R. and B. L. Grane, Died 1862, Aged 1 Year.
Lovina Ann, wife of Wm. Eby, Died 1870, Aged 88 Years.
Sally, wife of Harry Hull. Died 1862, aged 56 years.
Canton A. Fox, Died 1872, Aged 55 years.
Laura Fox, 1823-1883.
Francis M., Son of C. A. and L. Fox, died 1859, Aged 8 years.
Mabel, daughter of C. A. and L. Fox, Died 1860, Aged 10 Months.
James H., Son of C. A. and L. Fox, Died at Marine Hospital, New Orleans, La., 1865, Aged 16 years. A sailor or soldier in uniform is carved on the stone.
Ella Nora, daughter of C. A. and L. Fox, Died 1872, Aged 10 Years.


History and Reminiscences: Old Settlers’ Union of Princeville and Vicinity, Records of 1923-1929, Vol. IV, Illinois: Princeville, 1929.

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