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History and reminiscences vol 1

The Morrow Family

“The Morrow Family” by S. S. Slane, originally published in 1906, is a historical account of one of the earliest families to settle in Akron Township, Peoria County, Illinois. The article traces the family’s roots from their origins in Park County, Indiana, to their arrival in Illinois in the early 1830s. It focuses on Hugh Morrow, who was the first white child born in Akron Township, and who remained on the same section of land for over six decades. The article also notes the various other members of the Morrow family, including their deaths and relocations to other states. Overall, “The Morrow Family” provides a glimpse into the lives of early settlers in Illinois and their legacies in the region.

History and reminiscences vol 1

The Sloan Family of Princeville

The Sloan Family, written by S.S. Slane in 1906, recounts the story of Jerome Sloan and his family, who left New York in 1837 and settled in Princeville, Illinois. The family consisted of the mother, five sons, and one daughter, and they faced hardships and privations during their pioneer life. Jerome Sloan married Charlotte Barnes in 1860, and together they had eleven children. Despite never being associated with any religious community, Mr. Sloan held strong beliefs of his own. At the time of the writing, he was 93 years old and in excellent health.

History and reminiscences vol 1

The William P. Blanchard Family

The William P. Blanchard family is a historical account written by Mrs. J. E. Merritt in 1906, chronicling the journey of William P. Blanchard and his family as they settled in Peoria County, Illinois, in the 1830s. The family left Kentucky to find a larger scope for expansion, and after exploring the West and North of Lawrence County, Illinois, they purchased a quarter-section of land in Prince’s Grove and began their new life. The family endured many hardships, including a severe winter, but eventually built a log cabin and established themselves as pioneers in the area. The Blanchard family was active in their community and known for their hospitality, with their home serving as a gathering place for religious services and family reunions. The article honors the bravery and perseverance of the pioneers who paved the way for future generations.

History and reminiscences vol 1

Stephen French and Family

“Stephen French and Family” by Mrs. J.E. Merritt, 1906, is a historical account of the French family’s early pioneering days in Prince’s Grove, Illinois. The story chronicles the challenges faced by Stephen and Anna French as they settled in the area and the hardships they endured, including sickness, wolves, and encounters with wild Indians. The French family’s legacy is also highlighted, with emphasis on their hospitable and kind-hearted nature towards all, as well as their tragic losses, including the death of Captain John French during the Civil War. The article provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the early settlers of Prince’s Grove.

History and reminiscences vol 1

Daniel Prince

The article, “Daniel Prince” by Mrs. J. E. Merritt in 1906, recounts the story of the first white man to settle in the Grove area of Illinois in 1821. Daniel Prince lived a solitary life among the wild men of the forest until he married in 1833 and started a family. He was known for his hospitality and kindness to his neighbors, often providing food for the poor in the vicinity. Despite his lack of religious profession, he allowed ministers to hold services in his cabin. The article offers an insight into the life of this pioneer and the impact he had on the community he helped found.

Wisenburg Family Bible

This article covers a transcription of the Wisenburg Family Bible, which documents the lives of William H. Wisenburg and Nancy Carrol, their children, and related family members in 19th and early 20th century Princeville, Illinois. The Bible contains information on births, marriages, deaths, and other important events, providing valuable insights into the family’s history.

History of Bureau County, Illinois Title Page

Biography of Cornelius C. Corss of Bureau, Illinois

The Corss family was probably among the Puritan settlers of Massachusetts, at least they were residents of Deerfield, Massachusetts. At the time of the French and Indian massacre in 1703 and 1704, and only two of the family escaped, one of whom was the great-grandfather of C. C. Corss. The family still continued to reside in Massachusetts, and at Greenfield, Massachusetts, our subject was born, October 13, 1897. His grandfather, Asher Corss, was among the early settlers of Greenfield, known as one of the old proprietors, he having taken up a large tract of land in that vicinity. Asher Corss …

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History of Bureau County, Illinois Title Page

Biography of Thomas Bowen of Bureau, Illinois

Thomas Bowen, Bureau, was born at Woodchurch, Kent Co., England, August 13, 1831. He came to America with his parents, Thomas and Phebe (Markwick) Bowen, in 1838. They settled in New York; first in Monroe County, and then in Orleans County, where our subject’s father died in 1850. The mother is still living at an advanced age. Our subject was the second in a family of ten children, six of whom are now living, five in New York. Mr. Bowen was reared in New York, and there learned his trade of blacksmith. In 1851 he came to Bureau County, and …

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