The Sloan Family of Princeville

The Sloan Family, written by S.S. Slane in 1906, recounts the story of Jerome Sloan and his family, who left New York in 1837 and settled in Princeville, Illinois. The family consisted of the mother, five sons, and one daughter, and they faced hardships and privations during their pioneer life. Jerome Sloan married Charlotte Barnes in 1860, and together they had eleven children. Despite never being associated with any religious community, Mr. Sloan held strong beliefs of his own. At the time of the writing, he was 93 years old and in excellent health.

By S. S. Slane, 1906.

Jerome Sloan, son of John R. and Maria Sloan, was born in Sloansville, New York, January 15, 1813. Mr. Sloan’s parents with their entire family left New York for Peoria County in the fall of 1837, arriving at Peoria in December of that year, having come by teams all of the way. They stopped near Farmington until the spring of 1839, when they moved to Princeville. They occupied a cabin North of the Village on land owned by a Mr. Riggs, until the spring of 1840, when they removed to the farm now occupied by Mr. Sloan. Soon after the father died, The family at that time consisted of the mother, five sons and one daughter. The eldest son, Ralph, was a noted artist of his time, being a painter of portraits and landscapes. He died many years since, Joseph lost his life through an accident while yet a young man, Henry dying more recently. Augustus D. went over-land to California at an early date, dying a few years since in the village here. Emily, the only daughter, married Nelson Burnham, of Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois, who died last winter in the city of Peoria.

Mr. Jerome Sloan married Miss Charlotte Barnes in 1860. To them were born eleven children, nine sons and two daughters. He has passed through the hardships and privations of pioneer life, and has by industry and economy accumulated sufficient of this world’s goods to enable him to pass the remainder of his days in comfort and ease. While he has never been connected with any of the religious associations of this community, he has very decided views of his own on these matters. Mr. Sloan at this time is in the enjoyment of most excellent health, being able to walk to and from the village from his home without any assistance, which at his age of ninety-three years is quite remarkable.


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