Cook County

Harlow A Williamson

Biography of Harlow A. Williamson

Harlow A. Williamson, a retired farmer in Ashton and son of Samuel B. and Sybil (Delong) Williamson, was born in Vermont in 1830. He moved to Illinois at 20, initially working on farms before buying his own land. He married Emeline Starks in 1857, a native of Pennsylvania, whose parents were early settlers in Illinois. The couple settled in Bradford Township until 1889, then moved to Ashton, raising three children, Nellie, Harry, and Katie. Williamson, a steadfast Republican, held local offices including Collector, Constable, and School Director. He and his wife were active in the Presbyterian Church, enjoyed a culturally rich life in their new, elegant home.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Jacob Aschenbrenner

Jacob Aschenbrenner, an established coal dealer in Amboy, Illinois, originates from Hesse-Cassel, Germany, born in 1825. After serving in the German army and participating in the 1848 Revolution, he immigrated to the U.S. in 1855, eventually settling in Lee County. Jacob transitioned from farming to coal dealing, making significant contributions to his community, including serving as Alderman and on the Board of Education. Married twice, he has three children from his first marriage. A founding member of the local Lutheran Church, Jacob’s life story is marked by resilience, entrepreneurship, and public service, underscoring his importance in Amboy’s history.

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Charles Devlin of Spring Valley, Illinois

In 1850, Charles Devlin was born in St. Louis, Missouri. By age 4, his parents had moved with him to Peru, LaSalle County, Illinois. At age 19, Mr. Devlin worked as a bookkeeper and business manager in Peru for the Union Coal company. Charles Devlin was convinced that the time was right to open what he believed was a very valuable asset, coal mines. So, in 1884, Mr. Devlin helped in the opening of the first Spring Valley, Illinois coal mine. In 1885, he married Jennie Miller, daughter of a Spring Valley founder, Henry J. Miller. Their union brought forth

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History of Bureau County, Illinois Title Page

Biography of James R. Cottle of Princeton, Illinois

James R. Cottle, Princeton, was born February 26, 1835, in Singapore, East India. His father, Richard Cottle, is a native of England, and yet resides in Bristol. In early life he was a carriage trimmer, but is now Government Inspector of the Great Western Railroad. James R. Cottle, Sr. the father of Richard Cottle, was a gentleman of leisure; he was formerly a Government Collector. The mother of our subject was Eliza (Betterridge) Cottle, a native of Thatchan, Berkshire, England. She died in Bristol. She was the mother of nine children, of whom six are now living, but none in

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Biography of E. B. Anthony of Indiantown, Illinois

E. B. Anthony, Indiantown, was born August 9, 1841, in Providence, Bureau County, Ill. His father, Alfred Anthony, was born October 31, 1815, in Rhode Island. The great-grandfather of our subject, Isaac Anthony, Sr., was also a native of Rhode Island, where he died. His son, Isaac Anthony, Jr., was born and died there. The latter was a Captain in the war of 1812. He married Nancy Fish, who was the mother of nine children that reached maturity. Of these Alfred was the youngest. He came here with the Providence colony, and was married here to Mary A. Cushing, a

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Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Morgan County

Biographical Sketch of Albyn Lincoln Adams, M. D.

Adams, Albyn Lincoln, M.D., a very successful physician in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois, was born at Pine Hill, Ontario, Canada, April 13, 1865, the son of James W. and Lee (Bowman) Adams, natives of Ohio. Mr. Adams received his early mental training in the public schools of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Fostoria (Ohio) Academy, and afterward served an apprenticeship in the drug business in Grand Rapids and Hart, Mich. He then entered Bennett Medical College, Chicago, from which he was graduated, in 1886, with the degree of M.D. While in Chicago he became a registered pharmacist, and was engaged

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