Biographical Sketch of Albyn Lincoln Adams, M. D.

Adams, Albyn Lincoln, M.D., a very successful physician in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois, was born at Pine Hill, Ontario, Canada, April 13, 1865, the son of James W. and Lee (Bowman) Adams, natives of Ohio. Mr. Adams received his early mental training in the public schools of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Fostoria (Ohio) Academy, and afterward served an apprenticeship in the drug business in Grand Rapids and Hart, Mich. He then entered Bennett Medical College, Chicago, from which he was graduated, in 1886, with the degree of M.D. While in Chicago he became a registered pharmacist, and was engaged in the drug business in that city for about two years. Subsequently he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, from which he was graduated in 1889. After practicing medicine in Chicago a few months, in the fall of 1889 he established himself in Jacksonville. He devoted special attention to diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. He was Oculist and Aurist in the Jacksonville School for the Deaf for ten years, and now holds the same position in the School for the Blind in that city. He is also serving as Special Pension Examiner for the Jacksonville district, having been appointed as such by President McKinley, in October, 1898. He acted as Oculist for the Jacksonville & St. Louis Railroad until that line was merged into the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. He is a member of the Jacksonville Medical Club, the Morgan County Medical Society, the American Medical Association, the Chicago Opthalmological Society, the Brainard District Medical Society and the Illinois State Medical Society.

On December 30, 1890, Dr. Adams was united in marriage with Mary M. Madison, of Chicago, who died a year later. On June 11, 1896, the Doctor wedded Minna Worthington, daughter of the late George Worthington, of Pittsfield, Illinois. Of the five children resulting from this union, three – Albyn Worthington, George W. and Helen – are living.

In politics, Dr. Adams is a Republican. Religiously, he is a member of the State Street Presbyterian Church, of Jacksonville, in which he officiates as Trustee. Fraternally, he is affiliated with the K. of P. and D.O.K.K. In the specialties on which his reputation chiefly rests, he is regarded by the medical fraternity and the general public as one of the most thoroughly competent and skillful practitioners in this district.


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