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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Henry Miller of Sterling

Henry Miller, born on November 13, 1822, in Oldenburg, Germany, was a prominent example of German-American success. Emigrating with his family to the United States in 1837, they initially settled in Cass County, Illinois. After his father’s death in 1838, Henry moved to Palmyra Township, where he and his brothers transformed raw prairie into a prosperous 270-acre farm. Henry married Fredricka A. Klostermann, also from Oldenburg, and they had nine children. Retired in Sterling, Illinois, Henry and his wife were active members of the Lutheran Church and contributed significantly to their community.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of John Mensch of Palmyra Township

John Mensch, born May 29, 1846, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, served in the One Hundred Fortieth Illinois Infantry during the Civil War at seventeen. After the war, he returned to Whiteside County, Illinois, and later settled in Palmyra Township in 1880. He became a respected farmer and stock-raiser on his eighty-acre farm. John married Lydia Gruver, also from Pennsylvania, and they had eight children: Charles, Mary, Harry, Mabel, Kate, Edward, Evaline, and Iva. Both John and Lydia were active members of the Lutheran Church. John’s parents, Christian and Peggy (Cromley) Mensch, were early settlers in Illinois.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of William T. Tuttle

William T. Tuttle’s life story reads like a blueprint for success through intellect, and unwavering dedication. Born in Corning, New York, on May 9, 1846, Tuttle’s early life on a farm didn’t dampen his thirst for knowledge, which he pursued with relentless self-education. Transitioning from carpentry and sporadic teaching roles to becoming the esteemed Principal of Franklin Grove schools, his journey is a testament to the power of self-improvement and hard work. Alongside his educational contributions, Tuttle’s venture into journalism as the editor and proprietor of the Franklin Grove Reporter showcases his versatile talents and commitment to his community. This introduction celebrates William T. Tuttle’s multifaceted career, highlighting his impact as an educator, editor, and cherished member of his community, embodying the essence of a scholar and gentleman.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Loyd Burger

Loyd Burger’s life encapsulates the essence of American agricultural heritage and the enduring spirit of rural communities. Born on April 11, 1853, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, and relocating to Illinois in 1855, Burger’s journey from a young boy in Whiteside County to a successful farmer in Palmyra Township is a story of dedication and hard work. Operating a farm since 1888, Burger’s 157-acre tract stands as a testament to his commitment to the land and the agricultural lifestyle. His family history, deeply rooted in the trades and traditions brought from Pennsylvania and enriched by German descent, highlights a lineage of industrious individuals contributing to the fabric of their communities.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of John L. Geiger

John L. Geiger, a notable figure in the agricultural development of Nelson Township, Lee County, has transformed his 280-acre farm into a testament to diligent farming and innovation. Born in Pennsylvania in 1826 into a Lutheran family with Dutch heritage, Geiger moved to Illinois in 1853, embracing the pioneering spirit of the era. Through hard work and strategic land management, he has not only enhanced his farm’s productivity but also amassed significant wealth, including property in Dixon. Married to Anna Gregory, the couple’s life is enriched by three children, embodying the values of family, faith, and community contribution.

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Abijah Powers Residence

Biography of Hon. Abijah Powers

Hon. Abijah Powers, a respected figure in Palmyra Township, passed away in 1891, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and community service. Arriving in Lee County in 1838 with just $5, Powers transformed his life through hard work, eventually owning extensive farmlands. A descendant of a family with historical significance, including Hiram Powers the sculptor, Abijah was deeply involved in politics as a Republican, served as Town Supervisor, and represented his district in the Illinois General Assembly. Known for his genial nature and commitment to the Congregational Church, Powers’ life story is a testament to perseverance, community contribution, and moral integrity.

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History of Bureau County, Illinois Title Page

Biography of Henry Cooley of Fairfield, Illinois

Henry Cooley, Fairfield, was born February 19, 1830, in Pittsford, Rutland County, Vermont. His parents, John and Amanda (Cook) Cooley, died in the same State, of which they were natives. Our subject’s ancestors came to America in the Mayflower. Henry Cooley resided in Vermont till he was twenty-three years old, and then immigrated to Whiteside County, Illinois, where he sold goods for four years. In April, 1858, he came to Bureau County and farmed eleven years, after which he came to Yorktown, where he has been selling goods for the last fourteen years for O. W. McKenzie, and also keeping

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