Biography of John Clapp of Lamoille, Illinois

This old pioneer was born October 1, 1814, in Northampton, Mass. He came to Bureau County in 1834, accompanied by his brother-in-law, Caleb Cook, and settled in Princeton. In 1837 he was married to Lucy M. Smith, a daughter of James Smith, another old settler of Bureau County.

In 1838 John Clapp removed to Lamoille Township, where he bought 160 acres of land at $1.25 per acre. This he improved and resided on it till his death, which occurred November 22, 1880.

Mr. and Mrs. Clapp were active members of the Congregational Church at Lamoille, of which he was a Deacon.

Politically he was a Republican and took an active part in everything pertaining to the interest of his township, in which he has filled many offices.

Mrs. Lucy M. Clapp may be classed among our pioneer teachers, and many men in this county received their instruction from this wide-awake lady, who is yet living on the homestead. She was born April 19, 1818 and is the mother of seven children, viz.; Charles S., who was killed at the battle of Champion Hills; Mrs. Harriet W. Richardson, deceased Cephas F., a Congregational minister of Yankton, Dak.; William A., a farmer in Walnut, Iowa, and Mrs. Alice M. Fauble, who was born October 6, 1860. She was married August 30, 1881, to John Fauble, who farms the homestead. He was born November 16, 1857, in Lee County, Ill., where his parents, John and Christine (Troutwein) Fauble, were among the earliest German settlers.

Source: History of Bureau County, Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor. World Publishing Company Chicago 1885

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