Biography of Sebastian Buehlhorn of Clarion, Illinois

Sebastian Buehlhorn was born January 25, 1825, in Kueps, Ober Frankin, Bavaria, Germany. He came to this country June 17, 1850. He was in debt $1.50 when he arrived in Clarion Township, Bureau Co., Il., where he worked three years, then rented, and afterwards bought 103 acres. He has now 262 acres, and has been a successful farmer.

He was married here June 19, 1853, to Elizabeth Bauer, born January 1, 1829, in Baickheim, Germany. She is the mother of the following children: Mrs. Jane White, White D., whose name heads this biography, Mrs. Elizabeth Sark, John, Margaret and Henry Buehlhorn.

The Buehlhorn family are members of the Lutheran Church.

Source: History of Bureau County, Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor. World Publishing Company Chicago 1885

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