Champaign County

Champaign County

Dairy Products And Live Stock

Its dairy products comprise milk, cream and butter in the following quantities (1916): 70,884 gallons of milk and 69,866 gallons of cream, valued respectively at $19,139 and $69,886, and 98,876 pounds of butter, at $36,584. In the central division of counties, to which the State Board of Agriculture assigns Champaign, the county ranks fifth in the annual sale of butter, which brought, on an average, 37 cents in 1916. For the raising of live stock Champaign County possesses unusual advantages, on account of its abundant and pure water supply, its equable temperature and the adaptability of its soils to the …

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Birds As Insect Destroyers

The farmer has no greater enemy to his crops and to his consequent well-being than the obnoxious insect, and there is seldom one which does not retard some form of vegetable life if allowed to flourish unchecked. Consequently certain varieties of the feathered tribe are the farmers’ most useful friends; which they are, and what kind of obnoxious insects are their specially favored diets are thus told by 0. M. Schantz, president of the Illinois Audubon Society: “It is with very mixed feelings that I come to this meeting of the State Farmers’ Institute to talk to the people of …

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Champaign County Agriculture

The soils of Champaign County seem to be especially formed to raise corn and oats. The elements were what they should be, as furnished by Nature, and the husbandman has not allowed the necessary ingredients to be exhausted. The result is that year after year corn and oats are bumper crops, and grain dealers throughout the country have long considered the Champaign County cereals as standard. In the production of corn the county not only leads the State but the United States. The figures vary considerably, as in other sections of the State, one of the most productive years being …

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Agricultural, Horticultural And Mechanical Association

The oldest of these organizations in this section was the Champaign County Agricultural, Horticultural and Mechanical Association, which was organized in 1870. Its constitution, as adopted October 8 of that year, reads thus: Article I. The name of this association shall be “The Champaign County Agricultural, Horticultural and Mechanical Association.” Art. II. The capital stock of this association shall not be less than fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars, and shall be divided into shares of fifty ($50) dollars each. Art. III. The owner of one or more shares shall be a member of the association, but no member owning two or …

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