Dekalb County WW1 Soldiers Buried in Overseas Cemeteries

This is a list of DeKalb county soldiers who died during World War 1 and were buried overseas.

Name and AddressRelationshipName of deceasedRankOrganizationCemeteryDesires Pilgrimage
Desires Pilgrimage
Carlson, Mr. Charlotte, 313 W. Exchange St., SycamoreMotherCarlson, Frank S.Pvt84th Co., 6th Regt. U.S.M.C.Aisne-MarneYes
Carlson, Mrs. Selma, 410 S. 10th St., De KalbWidowCarlson, AlbinPvtCo. H, 23rd Inf.Meuse-ArgonneYes
Davis, Mrs. Jennie L., 211 home St., SycamoreMotherDavis, Harold W.Capt.Co. M, 129th Inf.Meuse-ArgonneYes
Ecklund, Mrs. Hannah, Route 1, KingstonMotherEcklund, Alvin J.Pvt12th Co., A.R.D.Olse-AisneNo
Hubbard, Mrs. Neil, 119 Evans Ave., De KalbMotherHubbard, Everett H.PvtCo. G, 4th Inf.Aisne-MarneYes
Nelson, Mrs. Mary, Route 2, SycamoreMotherNelson, Axel W.PvtCo. H, 130 Inf.St. Mihiel(1)
Page, Mrs. Chas. Davidson, SandwichMotherPage, John E.Cook492d Mot. Trk. Co. 420, M. S. T.Olse-AisneNo
Rodgers, Mrs. Mary A., Box 52, GenoaMotherRodgers, Robert L.PvtCo. C, 33d Engrs.Olse-AisneYes
Titzel, Mrs. Daisy Weller, Castle and 4th Sts., SandwichMotherTitzel, Frank H.PvtCo. G, 11th Inf.Meuse-ArgonneYes
Wolters, Mrs. Anna, Route 3, GenoaMotherWolters, William C.PvtCo. C, 58th Inf.Meuse-ArgonneYes

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