Biography of Emrich Weishaar

Emrich Weishaar, a German native born on February 3, 1834, represented the quintessential qualities of thrift and perseverance, leading him to prosperity in the United States. After emigrating in 1866, Weishaar worked in agriculture, later amassing 419 acres of prime land. Twice married with five surviving children, he enjoyed a tranquil retired life in Ashton, esteemed for his character and social standing. Active in community affairs, Weishaar also contributed as a Highway Commissioner.

Emrich Weishaar. The qualities of thrift and perseverance, which almost invariably characterize the Germans, have crowned their efforts with prosperity in whatever portion of the world their lot may be cast. Nor does the life of Mr. Weishaar furnish an exception to the usual rule, for he is numbered among the most prosperous citizens of this county. For many years, he devoted his attention assiduously to agricultural pursuits but has now retired from the active duties of life and makes his home in Ashton, where in tranquil and cheerful intercourse with his family and friends he hopes to pass his declining years.

As has already been indicated, the native home of Mr. Weishaar is in Germany, and the date of his birth is February 3, 1834. During his childhood, he was given excellent advantages in the schools of the Fatherland and upon starting out in life for himself, secured employment as a laborer in the vicinity of his early home. Having resolved to seek a home in the New World, he emigrated to this country in the fall of 1866 and landed in New York, whence he came direct to this county. At first, he worked out as a laborer in Bradford Township, where he was married on March 9, 1861, to Miss Anna B. Merbach. Mrs. Weishaar, who was a native of Germany, died in Bradford Township. She was the mother of ten children, four of whom are now living, namely — Ernest, John, Henry, and Caroline.

On January 16, 1884, Mr. Weishaar was again married, choosing as his wife Miss Anna Bech, an excellent lady, who, like himself, was born in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Weishaar are the parents of one child, a son — Frederick. They occupy a prominent position socially and are highly esteemed for their many worthy and upright qualities. The labors of Mr. Weishaar have met with more than ordinary success, for by the exercise of sound judgment and excellent business tact, he is now the owner of four hundred and nineteen acres, most of which is under high cultivation and all valuable farming land. After actively engaging in farming pursuits for many years, he came to Ashton in the spring of 1891, and here is quietly living, surrounded by the comforts which his unaided efforts have accumulated. He takes great interest in the public affairs of the community and contributes his share to the development of the interests of the village. Before he came here to live he served as Highway Commissioner in Bradford Township.


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