Biography of Stewart Wilson

Stewart Wilson, a devoted farmer and stock-raiser in Palmyra Township, hails from Pennsylvania, born in 1849. His family, with Scottish and German roots, moved to Illinois in 1856. Stewart owns a farm passed down from his father, demonstrating significant cultivation and success in breeding Shetland ponies. Marrying Emma A. Fisk, they have a daughter, Lorena. A respected community member, Stewart’s integrity and commitment to his Presbyterian faith mirror his family’s values. Active in local governance as Road Commissioner, his life is a testament to dedicated agriculture, family heritage, and community service, reflecting a legacy of hard work and faith.

Stewart Wilson, engaged in general farming and stock-raising on sections 29 and 30 of Palmyra Township, is a native of the Keystone State. Blair County was his birthplace, on January 14, 1849. His paternal grandfather, James Wilson, was also born in Pennsylvania, of Scotch lineage, and lived as a prosperous farmer in Blair County until he passed away. Stewart’s father, Franklin Wilson, was born after his mother’s death, with Stewart having one brother who died in Pennsylvania. Franklin married Susan, daughter of Philip and Mary Bridenbaugh, who were of German descent and members of the German Reformed Church. The Wilson family adhered to the Presbyterian faith.

Five children, three sons, and two daughters, were born to Franklin and Susan Wilson during their time in Altona Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. They relocated to Lee County, Illinois, in 1856, initially settling in Dixon Township before purchasing a farm in Palmyra Township, now owned by Stewart. Franklin Wilson, a Democrat and Presbyterian, passed away in 1870 at the age of forty-six, leaving behind his widow who still lives with her daughter in Sterling. She is also a Presbyterian and is highly esteemed for her upright and consistent life.

Stewart spent the first eleven years of his life in Blair County, Pennsylvania, before moving to Illinois with his parents in 1860. He has since made Lee County his home. In 1870, upon reaching adulthood, he purchased his current farm, comprising one hundred and eighty-eight acres of productive land. Most of the land is under high cultivation, with only about twenty-eight acres remaining untouched. His farm is well-regarded, with a comfortable brick residence and ample barns and outbuildings for his superior-grade livestock. Stewart has also ventured into breeding Shetland ponies, maintaining many fine specimens in his stables.

In Palmyra Township, Stewart married Emma A. Fisk, born in 1855, daughter of E. H. and Amelia Fisk, natives of Massachusetts. Emma’s parents settled in Palmyra Township upon moving to Illinois, where Mr. Fisk passed away in 1888 at the age of sixty-six. The couple had a daughter, Lorena A., who is now fourteen years old. Both Stewart and Emma are members of the Presbyterian Church in Sterling. Stewart, a Democrat, currently serves as Road Commissioner. Known for his fairness and honesty, he has earned the trust of his community and achieved financial success.


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