Biography of Reuben J. Allmond, M.D.

Reuben J. Allmond, M.D. – One who has been for many years the trusted counselor of a community in times of sickness, has gradually and almost imperceptibly grown into a position of trust and usefulness which may well be envied by those who spend their lives in devotion to mere money making. Such has been the life work of Dr. Allmond who has been in practice longer than any other physician in the county, and has earned the success and the respect which is universally accorded him. He was born in Wilmington, Del., August 11, 1818. His father, William, was born two miles from that city, and the grandfather, Thomas, was a native of the same locality and was there reared and married. He was a farmer and also a stonemason by trade, and he erected upon his farm nine commodious stone barns. He was a tremendous worker, and quarried this stone at night and wheeled it at night onto the scaffold from which in the daytime he erected the structure. The great-grandfather of our subject was, according to the best information at hand, an emigrant from England to America. His name was Thomas and with his brother John he was among the first settlers upon the banks of the Delaware River. They built a cave for their home and there resided until they were able to purchase land and build houses.

The father of our subject learned the trade of a shoemaker but did not follow it any length of time. He carried on a boot and shoe store in Wilmington in which business he continued a number of years. He lived to a very advanced age, dying when ninety-one years old. The maiden name of his wife was Phoebe Jefferies. She was a native of Wilmington and a daughter of David and Martha Jefferies. She reared seven son and four daughters, and spent her entire life in her native city.

Reuben, the eldest of this family, was reared and educated in his native city, and commenced the study of medicine when he was sixteen years old, being matriculated at Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, and taking his diploma there in th spring of 1839. He commenced his medical practice at Talleyville, Newcastle County, Del., and continued there until 1849. He then removed to Ohio, making his home in Morgan County until 1853. After this he practiced in Ogle County, Ill., carrying on a farm at the same time. In 1858 he sold this property and removed to Piasa, Macoupin County, where he practiced until 1861, when he made his permanent home in Palmyra.

The first marriage of Dr. Allmond occurred in 1841, when he was happily united with Ann G. Talley, who was born near Talleyville, Del., the ancestral home of her family. Her birth occurred in May, 1822, and she passed away from life in 1860 at Piasa. The present Mrs. Allmond bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Janes. She was born in Carrollton, Ill., in 1831, and was united with our subject in May, 1862. The Doctor has six children living by his first marriage, namely: Leurina, Mrs. Gardner; Priscilla, Mrs. Padgett; Phoebe, Mrs. Cram; Julia, Mrs. Grimmett; Florence Virginia, Mrs. Rice, and Ida, Mrs. Springle. The second marriage has brought him three daughters: Zillie May, Mrs. Kapps; Dora B., Mrs. Ritchie, and Hattie. The Doctor and Mrs. Allmond and most of their daughters are active and earnest members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in which they are highly respected, and where they find a broad field of influence. The Doctor’s politics are in accordance with the utterances of the Democratic platform.

Source: Chapman bros. Portrait and biographical record of Macoupin county, Illinois. Chicago: Biographical publishing company, 1891.

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