Biography of Charles P. Bascom of Princeton, Illinois

Charles P. Bascom, Princeton, was born July 5, 1842, in Chicago, Ill., and is the eldest son of Flavel Bascom, D. D., and Elizabeth Bascom, nee Sparhawk. The latter died in Galesburg, Ill. Rev. Flavel Bascom was born in Connecticut, June 8, 1804. After working his was through Yale College, he came to Illinois in 1833, under the auspices of the Home Missionary Society. For some years he resided at Pekin, but later went to Chicago, where he was pastor of a church for ten years and during that time was President of the first anti-slavery society in Chicago. In 1850 he became pastor of the Congregational Church at Galesburg. In 1855 he removed to Dover, Ill., and in 1864 to Princeton, where he was the pastor of the Congregational Church. He now resides at Hinsdale, Ill. More of his life will be found in connection with the church history of Bureau County.

Since 1855 Mr. Charles P. Bascom has been a resident of this county. He was educated in Beloit College, Wisconsin, graduating in the class of 1864. December 11, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Lucia M. Colton, who was born in this county and is the Daughter of Egbert Colton, deceased. December 1874, Mr. Bascom became junior partner in the Republican printing office, and his connection with this paper will be found in the chapter on the Press.

Source: History of Bureau County, Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor. World Publishing Company Chicago 1885

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