Jessee Cemetery, Crittenden Township, Illinois

The Jessee Cemetery is located in Compromise Township, and is one of two cemeteries at the lower edge of Champaign County. It is approximately eight or nine miles south of Philo, and two miles west. It is located on a high knoll.

On the map of Professor Karl Lohman, the date of the cemetery is given as 1869, but there were earlier dates of burials. This cemetery is not as old as some which we recorded—a Laura Miller died in 1856, and Anna Congleton in 1859. As in the other cemeteries, there may have been earlier burials, but stones were often gone or broken.

A David Jessee, born in 1828, died in 1909, is buried here, as is Eliza Jessee, born in 1828, died in 1910, and others of the Jessee family for whom the cemetery is named.

Transcription of Jessee Cemetery

Andrews, Infant son of F.C. & L. Andrews died March 18, 1881
Bade, George L., son of H. & Anna Bade died Nov. 2, 1881 1m 24d
Bedaine, Infant son of M. J. Bedaine died April 29, 1886
Botts, Minnie M., dau of W. H. & R. J. Botts Oct. 13, 1881 – May 22, 1882
Botts, Ralph, son of W.H. & R.J. Botts born June 1, 1890
Gary, Henrietta J., wife of W. M. Cary died Nov. 27, 1888 36y 26d
Comer, Blanch, dau of J. O. & I. M. Comer died Aug. 11, 1894 5m 22d
Comer, Charles C., son of J. O. & I. M. Comer died Oct. 22, 1895 4m 5d
Comer, Clarence W., son of J.O. & I. M. Corner died July 28, 1898 4m 26d
Congleton, Anna, dau of C. W. & M. E. Congleton died June 10, 1859 2yr 2m 27d
Congleton, Bruce, son of F. P. A.M. Congleton died Sept. 18, 1889 1yr 26d
Congleton, C.W. died July 6, 1880 53y 5m 13d
Congleton, Elizabeth, dau of C. W. & M.E. Congleton died May 24, 1870 10m 14 da
Congleton, Margaret, wife of C. W. Congleton died in Kentucky Oct. 13, 1872 44y 3m 13d
Congleton, Nannie, dau of C. W. & M. E. Congleton died Nov. 16, 1863 1 yr 8m 23d
Crawford, Bertha P. dau of E.D. & M.A. Crawford died Dec. 27, 1886 1 yr 1m 2d
Green, Penney died Aug. 26, 1881 4m 15d
Green, Earnest, child of J. R. & E. H. Green died July 22, 1875 2d
Green, Effa, child of J.R. & E.H. Green died Aug. 26, 1875 1m 5d
Green, James W., son of (not readable) & R. Green born May 31, 1865 died May 6, 1879 14y 11m 5d
Green, Sephronia, dau of Greens born May 10, 1853 died May 6, 1881
Halberstadt, Mariah R. born April 5, 1863 died Nov. 19, 1901
Hanson, Infant son of T.D. & E. G. Hanson died Feb. 22, 1877 14d
Hanson, Infant son of T.D. & E.G. Hanson died Feb. 6, 1876
Henson, Infant son of Frank & Mollie Henson Jan. 28, 1892 2d
Hopkins, Emily J., wife of D.F. Hopkins died Sept 6, 1887 45y 7m 26d
Jeffers, Infant dau of James & S.J. Jeffers died April 2, 1882
Jessee, David barn Aug. 14, 1828 died Jan. 26, 1909 Married Oct. 12, 1848
Jessee, Eliza born Aug. 28, 1828 died Feb. 10, 1910
Jessee, Jerry M. born July 13, 1856 died Sept. 9, 1909
Jessee, Laura J. born Sept. 16, 1860 died Dec. 31, 1889
Jessee, Mary M. born Sept. 28, 1851 died Aug. 18, 1854
Jessee, Thomas S. born Oct. 19, 1849 died Dec. 12, 1871
Johnson, Annie, dau of M.Y. & K.M. Johnson died Oct. 20, 1876
Love, Mary H. died Oct. 23, 1899 82y 5m 16d
Love, Oscar died Aug. 8, 1879 74y 5m 20d
Martin, Infant son of E. & S. E. Martin died June 4, 1889
Mattix, Infant dau of B.F. & E. Mattix died July 12, 1885
Mayer, Infant children of Ernest G. & Bertha Mayer
Meadows, Infant son of F.M. & D.A. Meadows died Oct. 8, 1878 11d
Miller, Charles E., died in Ohio, son of Jonathan & Mary Miller Jan. 28, 1861 11m 19d
Miller, Emma, dau of J. & M. Miller died Sept. 21, 1830? 21y 2m
Miller, Jonathan died July 29, 1895 63y 11m 1d
Miller, Laura, died in Ohio, dau of Jonathan & Mary Miller died Oct. 28, 1856 1 yr 7m 8d
Miller, Mary, wife of J. Miller died Aug. 30, 1883 51y 7m 27d
Moore, Harvey E., son of M.L. & M.E. Moore died Sept. 4, 1881 5m 28d
Moore, Louisa, wife of S. W. Moore died Feb. 26, 1898 53y 11m 25d
Moore, Manley M., son of C.P. & E. B. Moore died Dec. 16, 1891 2y 10m 7d
Moore, Sanford W., son of C.P. & E. B. Moore died Dec. 19, 1891 4y 10m 8d
Moore, Sanford W. died Aug. 9, 1896 65y 9m 3d
Peabody, John E., son of Charles & Jennie Peabody died Feb. 2, 1873 5m 12 d
Petty, Grace M., dau of J. B. & P. Petty born Dec. 4, 1884 died Mar. 21, 1885
Price, Agnes, W., wife of J.P. Price born March 19, 1815 (no death date)
Price, Frank, son of D.C. & Ida Price died Jan. 14, 1889 6y
Price, Frankie, son of D.C. & Ida Price died Jan. 18, 1881 9m 24d
Price, J.P. died Aug. 31, 1882 71y 6m 30d
Reddick, Elizabeth P., wife of P.M. died Aug. 7, 1883 69y 7m 21d
Reddick P.M. died March 1, 1869 68y 11m 29d
Stephenson, Infant son of Wm. & Mattie Stephenson died Sept. 11, 1891
Sting, Georgie, infant son of H. & B. Sting died Apr. 30, 1872 1 yr 11m 12d
Sting, Henry died Aug. 9, 1881 44y 1m
Tabler, Anna, wife of Andrew N. died Oct. 30, 1879 21 yr 6m 2d
Taylor, Lucindy, wife of Lambert Taylor died Mar. 9, 1881 37 yr 10m 28d
Williams, James Everett, son of J. L. & M.M. Williams died March 14, 1899 5m 1 day
Williams, Mary M., wife of James L. Williams died Jan. 7, 1899 31y 5d

Images of the Transcription of Jessee Cemetery

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