Captain Seth Pratt’s Company

Captain Seth Pratt’s Company

I find a company of Illinois Volunteer Militia was stationed at Fort Armstrong and was in the service of the United States from April 21 to June 3, 1832, when it was mustered out. This company did garrison duty. The records say it was composed of men from Rock Island and adjacent counties, but I have been unable to place but one, he being Samuel Wells. The roster of the company is: Captain: Seth Pratt. Lieutenants : John M. Crabtree, Joseph Leister. Sergeants: Simpson Stewart, William B. Sisk, Elihu Sparks, Abraham Crabtree. Corporals: James Stockson, George Yates, James Keller, James Curry, Thomas Burton. Fifer: James Carr. Privates: Gordon Acton, Nathan Bradbury, Henry Brantly, C. Girdwell, Isaac Booth, Daniel Brock, Amos Bradley, John Bradshaw, John M. Bohvare, Henry Castlebury, Stephen L. Cooper, John Davis, Samuel Smith, Henry Ford, William Foster, Isaac Gulliher, Parnell Hamilton, Harrison Hunly, William Hopper, Alfred Jackson, Jonathan Leighton, Nicholas Long, James M. Low, Iredell Lawrence, Martin Langston, Samuel Wells, Larkin B. Langston, John Letcher, Henry Melton, Francis McConnell, Frederick McDaniel, James New, Wm. C. Overstreet, John Pervine, William Pointer, Jonathan Russ, Andrews Smothers, Isaac Schmick. Benjamin Gobel in his reminiscences speaks of joining a company and doing guard duty at the fort, but I do not find his name on the roster. At the commencement of hostilities, Governor Reynolds of Illinois, appointed George Davenport, the Indian trader on the island, one of the quartermasters, his commission giving him the rank of colonel, by which title he was afterwards known.


Indian Wars 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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