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Champaign County, Illinois Biographies

The following biographies were collected from the manuscript A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois written in 1918 by J. R. Stewart. The fact that a citizen is mentioned in this manuscript with a biography...

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Champaign County Water Supply

The splendid water supply of Champaign County is accounted for by the presence of the glacial drift, which forms the striking feature of the surface geology of Champaign County. Miss DeEtte Rolfe, who has written much and well...

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The Triumphs Of La Salle

Chevalier de La Salle came to America in the year 1667. Shortly after arriving in this country he established himself as a fur trader at a trading post called La Chine, on the Island of Montreal. Here he came in contact with the...

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Champaign County, Illinois Topography

The topography of the county has been thoroughly delineated by the State Geological and the United States Geological surveys, as well as by experts connected with the University of Illinois, especially by Prof. C. W. Rolfe of...

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Swamp Lands Reclaimed

Until about forty years ago a class of Champaign County lands was as carefully avoided as the prairies of an earlier period; like the prairie lands, they also proved of unusual value. For years the swamps and lowlands were...

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Soil of Champaign County

The surface of Champaign County, as a general thing, is composed of black prairie soil, from one to five feet in thickness. This prairie soil is under-laid by a yellow clay subsoil. Below this clay subsoil occur alternate beds...

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