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The following biographies were collected from the manuscript A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois written in 1918 by J. R. Stewart. The fact that a citizen is mentioned in this manuscript with a biography doesn’t indicate anything more then they chose to “subscribe” to the publishing of the manuscript, or that somebody subscribed for them.

The presence of a biography in these types of works however, can provide the family researcher a vivid look into the lives of their ancestors. For the historian, these works often provide a glimpse into the events that helped shape a community. One should remember that this type of work is not definitive in its proof, as it is taken from information collected at the time, and can often be misleading if not false. Stories handed down to children, may not be true; details of somebody’s life may be altered to make them appear greater then they actually were. It is important therefore for each researcher to verify the facts provided here with additional proof from other resources. Having said that, please enjoy! A search is provided on this page, or scroll using the name links below.


Alexander – Custer | Dale – Hyde | Inman – Myers | Nash – Swigart | Talbot – Zorger

The following biographies were taken from A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois and represent many of the residents of Champaign County in 1918. The biographies on this page include the surnames of: Alexander, Allison, Amsbary, Anders, Argo, Arms, Atkinson, Avey, Babb, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Barber, Bassett, Bear, Behrens, Bengtson, Bensyl, Berkley, Bialeschke, Birch, Bireline, Blaine, Block, Blue, Bocock, Boys, Brand, Brayshaw, Brennon, Brothers, Browder, Brown, Brownell, Brownfield, Buchan, Buck, Buhs, Bundy, Burnham, Burton, Burwash, Busch, Busey, Butzow, Cain, Caldwell, Campbell, Carley, Chapman, Chenoweth, Cherry, Church, Churchill, Clark, Clennon, Cline, Coffman, Cole, Collison, Colvin, Conkey, Conner, Connor, Cook, Coolley, Coons, Cooper, Corbly, Cord, Cotton, Coyle, Craigmile, Creamer, Cunningham, and Cuppernell.

Alexander – Custer | Dale – Hyde | Inman – Myers | Nash – Swigart | Talbot – Zorger

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Source: A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois, by J. R. Stewart, published by The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago And New York, 1918.

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