Champaign County, Illinois Biographies (Nash – Swigart)

The following biographies were taken from A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois and represent many of the residents of Champaign County in 1918. The biographies on this page include the surnames of: Nash, Nelson, Norman, Nye, Odebrecht, Oehmke, Oliver, Olson, Paine, Parker, Parrett, Patterson, Patton, Paulus, Pearson, Peters, Peterson, Phenicie, Pinkston, Pittman, Place, Porter, Prather, Quinlan, Rankin, Rayburn, Raymond, Rea, Reardon, Redmon, Reed, Reese, Remley, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Ricketts, Riemke, Ritchie, Rittenhouse, Robeson, Robinson, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Roth, Roughton, Rowland, Rush, Russell, Sayers, Schindler, Schluter, Schoon, Schowengerdt, Schumacher, Schwanderman, Scott, Seltzer, Shade, Shawhan, Sheridan, Shields, Silver, Singbusch, Six, Sizer, Skinner, Smith, Smoot, Somers, Souder, Southworth, Spalding, Spears, Sperry, Spoehrle, Sprague, Stevenson, Stevick, Stewart, Stipes, Stonestreet, Stout, Stover, Strahle, Strode, Strong, Stucker, Sturdyvin, Sturgeon, Sullivan, Swearingen, Swick, and Swigart.

Alexander – Custer | Dale – Hyde | Inman – Myers | Nash – Swigart | Talbot – Zorger


Alexander – Custer | Dale – Hyde | Inman – Myers | Nash – Swigart | Talbot – Zorger

Illinois Genealogy

Source: A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois, by J. R. Stewart, published by The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago And New York, 1918.

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