First Entries of Land

First Entries of Land

Colonel George Davenport and Russell Farnham, on October 19, 1829, entered land -section two, seventeen North, two West-which was the first land registered in Rock Island County. The south half of this ground including that land east one mile from the old Fair Grounds was sold to Jonah H. Case. The north half of the Davenport-Farnham land formed a part of the possessions of the late Bailey Davenport. On October 19, 1829, was also entered the north half of section eleven, by William T. Brasher, upon a portion of which land Chippiannock Cemetery is situated. Colonel Davenport entered the southern part of section eleven in 1829-30. On this plat of ground was afterwards laid out the famous “paper town” of Rock Island City. Daniel Webster is said to have held an interest in this (then a paper town), which he sold to Caleb Cushing for $10,000. The town plat extended from Dingledine’s south line, and the south line of Chippiannock Cemetery, south to Rock River, and from the Milan road three-quarters of a mile east. Davenport and Farnham also entered at the same time the fractional section thirty-four, eighteen north, two west, south of the Indian Boundary line. This plat is now laid out in city lots. Adding William Carr, who entered land here in October, 1829, the list is complete as those registered in the year, or prior to that date. In 1830 Colonel Davenport entered other sections and in 1833 John W. Spencer entered the land on which the old Schindler farm was situated. The year 1835 exceeded all previous years as a land entering year. In 1836 companies were formed and large amounts of land entered for them in the names of individual citizens.


Early Settlements of Rock Island County 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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