Moline Club

Moline Club

Organized December 9, 1895, its object being for the advancement of social inter-course among its members and to promote the civic, business and industrial interests of the City of Moline. The membership consists of three classes: Resident, non-resident and honorary. The resident membership being limited to three hundred members. Any male eighteen years of age or over, living within the City of Moline, shall be eligible to resident membership. Any male adult whose residence is without the limits of Moline shall be eligible to non-resident membership. Any person of public distinction shall be eligible to honorary membership. The non-resident and honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges of the Club, except of those voting or holding office. The annual meetings of the Club are held on the second Tuesday in May of each year, at 9 P. M. The officers of the Club are president, first and second vice-presidents, a secretary and treasurer. The various committees are the finance, member-ship, house and grounds, entertainment, press, auditing, and civic improvement committee to further the civic, business – and industrial interests of the City of Moline. The ladies and minors of every member’s family are entitled to the privileges of the Club. No liquor of any kind shall be allowed in the club house, or on its premises, nor shall gambling be permitted. The first officers were: C. H. Deere, president; C. A. Barnard, vice-president; E. H. Sleight, secretary; C. F. Hemenway, treasurer.


City of Moline 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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