Rock Island Cemeteries

Rock Island Cemeteries

Chippiannock Cemetery Association of Rock Island was organized in 1855. The cemetery grounds occupy a beautiful natural spot of sixty acres, one mile south of the City of Rock Island. Outside of the natural advantages, the grounds are beautifully laid out in winding drives and walks, according to plans made by Mr. Hotchkiss, who laid out the celebrated Greenwood Cemetery of Brooklyn, New York. The grounds are mainly sloping, with the hill top flat, backed by a wooded ravine, and are nicely timbered with fine old trees. It is an ideal spot for a cemetery, and surpassed by very few in natural beauty. The name Chippiannock is of Indian origin, and means “City of the Dead.” Here rest over 7,000, including those removed from the old cemetery at the head of Eagle Street. The Hebrew Burying Ground Association of Rock Island was organized in 1869, and owns one acre in Chippiannock Cemetery, very beautifully laid out and enclosed with a fine hedge. Calvary Cemetery Association, adjoining Chippiannock Cemetery on the southeast corner, contains about five acres, and was established nearly fifty years ago. Three years ago it was incorporated under the name of “Calvary Cemetery Association,” and is controlled by a board of directors. In this cemetery rest about one thousand. St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, located south of Chippiannock and Calvary, was instituted about ten years ago, and is governed by a board of directors. Carr’s Cemetery is located in South Rock Island, north side of the river road. Dickson Cemetery, is located in Sears. Lutheran Cemetery, located on the Twenty-fourth Street hill, one-half mile south of city limits.


City of Rock Island 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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