Rock Island Settlers in 1832

Rock Island Settlers in 1832

The following is a list of settlers of this county, as complete as I have been able to make from the data that I have found, in the spring of 1832. Just previous to the breaking out of the war in 1832, there was quite an increase of settlers, many of whom left. Some stayed during the war and then left and I have not been able to learn their names.

Allen, Archibald Aubury, Griffith Bain, John L. Barrel, John Bartlett, Michael Been, Joseph Benson, Henry Brasher, William T. Bryant, Leonard Burner, Edward Case, Charles H. Case, Jonah H. Case, Louden, Jr. Case, Louden, Sr. Clark, B. W. Cook, Horace Kinney, Samuel Sampson, H. Sams, William F. Smart, Josiah Smith, Martin W. Spencer, John W. Spencer, Roswell H. Stringfield, Sevier Thompson, Joel Thompson, William Tunnell, Luther Tunnell, William Vandruff, Henry Vandruff, Joshua Vandruff, Samuel Vanetta, Benjamin Vanetta, Gorham Verner, Edward Wells, Asaph Wells, Fri Wells, George Wells, Huntington Wells, Ira Wells, Joel, Sr. Wells, Joel. Jr. Wells, John Wells, Levi Wells, Lucius Wells, Nelson Wells, Rinnah Wells, Samuel

The Kinneys above mentioned are the same whose names in the roster of the war department are given as Kenney.




Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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