South Rock Island Township, Illinois

South Rock Island Township, Illinois

The township extends south from the corporate limits of the City of Rock Island to the north shore of the Rock River. This township is exceedingly productive of agricultural products. Its chief distinction lies in its phenomenal growth. From a mere pasture, hills and farm lands it has developed into one of the most desirable residence portions of Rock Island County. The principal place of interest is the noted Black Hawk’s Watch Tower, which at the present time is quite a summer resort. From this tower Black Hawk kept watch for his enemies, either red or white. There are few locations, if any, in the great northwest, that will compare with it in natural beauty of scenery. Black Hawk’s Watch Tower is a prominent point of ground, rising almost perpendicularly some two hundred feet above the level of the Rock River; and from its summit one can look out over miles and miles of pastoral beauty, and seventeen miles of the Rock River Valley.

Rock Island City

Was located opposite the western end of Vandruff’s Island, on the north shore of the Rock River, taking in the site of the old Sac Indian village. It was eighteen blocks long, running north from the river, and east and west nine blocks. It was platted and accepted by the County Commissioners July 20, 1836, and recorded July 22, 1836. A beautiful paper city.

Village Of Sears

Is located in the Town of South Rock Island. Forty-three legal voters of South Rock Island petitioned the County Court to have the privilege of voting on the incorporation of the Village of Sears, under the general law; petitioners describing bounds and affirming the district contained a population of 350. May 3, 1894, an election was held for or against incorporation, resulting in fifty-three votes for organization, and six votes against. May 26, 1894, the following six trustees were elected: C. H. Dibbern, John E. Breen, B. Patterson, J. McCarty, J. F. Mead and E. D. Fisher.


Township Organization 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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