The Wright Carriage Body Company

The Wright Carriage Body Company

The Wright Carriage Body Company was organized in 1902 with a capital of $50,000; securing its charter in November, 1902, as a stock company, its first officers being T. M. Sechler, president; C. W. Wright, vice-president and manager; E. H. Wilson, secretary and treasurer. Its first board of directors were T. M. Sechler, W. L. Velie, H. C. First, C. W. Wright, Fred Peters, F. H. Wilson of Moline, and C. H. Dooley of Rock Island. A two-story factory building, one hundred and fifty by sixty feet with sixty by sixty-five feet wing for engine, boiler and dry house, was erected and actual ‘manufacturing of carriage and buggy bodies and seats began in March, 1903. In October, 1904, Mr. Wright withdrew from active connection with the company and E. H. Wilson, who up to this time had been in charge of the office and the financial affairs of the company, assumed the management. Mr. Wilson at once reorganized the working forces and doubled the capacity of the plant, creating an output of 30,000 complete jobs per year. At the annual meeting of stockholders held September 5, 1906, it was voted to double the capital stock, making it $100,000; which was at once taken up almost wholly by former stockholders and additional buildings were constructed which allowed the company to again double its capacity. This company has already made a reputation for good work and is making fast strides toward being one of Moline’s leading manufacturing plants.


City of Moline 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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