Additional Publications of Rock Island County

In addition to the Union, Argus and News, there are published in Rock Island the following: By the Augustana Book Concern: Augustana (weekly), The Augustana Journal (semi-monthly), The Augustana Theological Quarterly, Barnens Tidning (semi-monthly), Korsbaneret (annually), The Olive Leaf (monthly), Prarieblomman (annually), Ungdomsvannen (monthly.) Other periodicals: Broadway Church Visitor; Reverend William S. Marquis, editor. The Canners and Packers Directory of North America; Elliot D. Fisher, publisher. The Fraternal Tribunes (monthly); Robert Rexdale, editor. The Modern Woodman (monthly); official paper of the Modern Woodmen of America; Frank O. VanGalder, editor. Mystic Light (monthly) ; Henry E. Burris (colored), publisher. Rock Island Credit Rating Book and Daily Bulletin; published by Rock Island Business Men. Polk’s Rock Island-Moline Directory, R. L. Polk and Company, publishers. Tri-City Unionist; published by the Unionist Publishing Company. The Villa Shield; published by the Sisters of the Visitation. The Davenport Daily Times, of Davenport, conducts a news bureau in both Rock Island and Moline.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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