Christ Church, Moline

The Episcopal church was late in coming to Moline. It was organized May 22, 1891, as a mission under grant from Bishop Burgess. Sixty persons signed the application to the Bishop and called the Reverend Robert Hewitt as first priest in charge. For several years the organization met in the association rooms in the auditorium. The congregation was incorporated under the laws of the State on September 11, 1891, and adopted a constitution. The first wardens were George B. Hull and John A. Mann. Reverend L. Sinclair came from Sudbury, Ontario, to the charge of the parish in September, 1892, and remained until the spring of 1894, when a call was extended to Reverend F. K. Howard of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, to become rector. During the rectorship of Father Howard the present church building was erected and occupied January 1, 1895. Reverend Robert Hewitt was again called to the parish in 1897 and remained in charge until June 1, 1899. The parish was then without the regular ministrations of a priest until June 1, 1900, when the Reverend Doctor F. H. Burrell was called from Darlington, Wisconsin. No missions have been organized as off-shoots of this parish, but it is in a healthy, growing condition, and future prospects bright.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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