Cordova, Illinois Churches

In the Fall of 1843, Elder Jesse N. Seeley, a missionary under the American Baptist Home Mission Society, held a series of meetings, resulting in the conversion of a number of persons, ten of whom were baptized by Elder Jesse N. Seeley. These, with others in this vicinity who were members of Baptist churches in other places, united in measures for church organization, and called a council of delegates from other churches for a meeting on December 28, 1843. The following brethren were present: James Turner, Enos French, John Campbell, William Hubbard, William Parkhurst, Bath Church; Luther Edwards, Reverend E. Marcellas, O. Blanchard, William W. Pierce, D. Wilson, Port Byron Church; Reverend J. N. Seeley, Davenport, Iowa; J. H. Swartwout, Galena, Illinois; E. Calkins, Rock Island, Illinois. The council was organized by appointing Reverend J. N. Seeley moderator and Daniel Wilson clerk. The church letters were then called for and presented by the following: Levi Hunger-‘ ford and Betsey Hungerford, Madison, Ohio; Frances Swartwout, Francis D. Swartwout, Thomas Swartwout, Clarissa Swartwout, Clarissa E. Swartwout, Elizabeth Swartwout, Port Byron, Illinois; William Armstrong, Rebecca Passmore, Joseph R. Sexton, Mahala Sexton, J and L. Cool, Margaret Cool, Andrew S. Ege, Mary Ann Ege, Charity Golden, Amanda Adams, these were baptized by Reverend J. N. Seeley, and led to the organization of the church. The afore named eighteen were the constituent members of the Cordova Baptist church, organized the 28th day of December, 1843. On August 24, 1844, it was decided to build a meeting house, which on February 13, 1845, was dedicated. Sometime in 1856 a parson-age was built and the church decided to build a new meeting house, and on November 17, 1858, the new meeting house was dedicated, which is the one used by the church today.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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