The Second Methodist Episcopal Church, Moline

The Second Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the year 1890 by the Reverend Addis Albro, who was then pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and Presiding Elder M. A. Head of the Rock Island District. The United Brethren Church owned a building in Stewartville, and their membership was fast becoming extinct, when they decided to dispose of their church property. The building was purchased from the United Brethren people, and steps were taken at once to organize a Second Methodist Church in Stewartville, now known as South Moline. Into this new organization were received forty-eight members from the First Methodist Episcopal Church. The first pastor appointed was Reverend S. L. Guthrie. During the first year, revival services were held and sixty-six members were added to the roll. His pastorate was blessed with great results. The second year plans were made to improve the building. A league room was added at a cost of nearly $1,000. Reverend Guthrie was pastor two years. In September, 1892, Reverend J. W. Edwards was appointed pastor, and remained one year. Reverend Fletcher DeClark was appointed pastor in 1893. He was followed in 1894 by Reverend W. H. Crane, who was pastor two years. In 1896 Reverend R. G. Pearce was appointed pastor and remained one year and six months; owing to failing health he re-signed. January 10, 1898, Reverend A. H. Smith was appointed pastor and served the church two years and six months. Reverend G. H. Thorpe was the next pastor taking up the work June 2, 1900. Reverend C. C. McKown was appointed pastor September, 1900, followed by Reverend A. E. Ioder, September 23, 1901. September 26, 1904, the present pastor, Reverend D. S. Andrewartha, was assigned the charge. During all these pastorates the church has steadily made gains. The members are earnest in their efforts, for the success of their church. At present improvements are being made, and when completed, will put the property in splendid condition, making it one of the most attractive churches for its size in the City of Moline.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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