Lee County

Lee County Illinois

Biography of Hon. James Ryon, M.D.

Hon. James Ryon, M.D., of Amboy, has a storied past beginning in 1827, Pennsylvania. With Irish heritage, he pursued medicine, graduating from Rush Medical College, and later delved into law and politics, notably serving in the Illinois Legislature and as a Civil War Colonel. Post-war, Ryon focused on his medical practice, also engaging in banking and coal business ventures. Married to Ruth A. Ives, they had a daughter, Carrie S., whose early demise deeply affected them. A staunch Republican, Ryon’s contributions span medicine, politics, and community service, reflecting a lifetime of dedication and impact.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of William H. Acker

William H. Acker, a distinguished farmer in Amboy Township, exemplifies success through his well-maintained farm and evident prosperity. Born in New York in 1832, Acker moved to Indiana before settling in Illinois, where he has significantly contributed to his community since 1871. Married to Mary Calkins, the couple has two surviving children, reflecting a family life marked by both joy and sorrow. Acker’s commitment to education and politics, serving on the School Board and as an active Republican, highlights his dedication to civic engagement. His and his wife’s family backgrounds, rooted in early American states, trace a journey of perseverance and community building.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Schuyler Ransom

Schuyler Ransom, an emblem of hard work and success, transformed his life from poverty to prosperity in Nelson Township over 25 years. Arriving with little, his determination and savvy in farming and stock-raising allowed him to amass a valuable property, making him a respected figure in the community. Born in 1822 in New York, Ransom ventured to Illinois, overcoming early financial hurdles to eventually own a quarter section of land. Today, his farm stands as a testament to his efforts, featuring state-of-the-art improvements and cultivation, symbolizing the fulfillment of the American dream through perseverance and strategic planning.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Thomas J. Buckaloo

Thomas J. Buckaloo is a respected farmer in Dixon Township, managing 141 acres inherited from his pioneering family. Born in 1842 into a family with Dutch and Irish roots, Thomas has dedicated his life to agriculture, except for a brief stint as a carpenter. His marriage to Maggie A. Craddock, whose family brought milling innovation to Ogle County, Illinois, has produced five children, with some following in their father’s educational footsteps. Valued for their integrity, the Buckaloos are well-regarded in their community. Politically a Republican, Thomas focuses on his farm, boasting quality livestock and fruitful lands, embodying the success of hard work and heritage.

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Lee County Illinois

Biography of Samuel Dysart

Samuel Dysart, an eminent Lee County citizen, is celebrated for his contributions to agriculture and public service in Illinois. Born in 1834, he excelled as an agriculturist and stockman, notably introducing thoroughbred livestock to the area. His efforts in breeding horses, cattle, and swine have significantly raised local livestock standards. Dysart’s roles as World’s Fair Commissioner and Vice-President of the Illinois State Board of Agriculture highlight his commitment to agricultural advancement and his community’s interests. His work has left a lasting impact on Lee County’s progress and the broader agricultural community.

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Biography of Henry C. Coddington of Dover, Illinois

Henry C. Coddington, Dover, the son of James Coddington (see sketch of J. H.), was born in the old log-cabin on his present farm August 14, 1850, and has always lived on the old homestead, which he now owns. He has always given his attention to farming, and now has 200 acres of land. He was married December 22, 1875, to Mary A. Pierce, born in East Pawpaw Grove, Lee Co., Ill., in 1850. She is the daughter of Charles and Catherine (Sine) Pierce, natives of Luzerne County, Pa., but now residing at Pawpaw Grove, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Coddington

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Biography of Marcus Bryant of Princeton, Illinois

Marcus Bryant, deceased, Princeton, was born March 21, 1842, in Princeton, Ill. He was a son of Cyrus and Julia (Everett) Bryant. Cyrus Bryant was a brother of William Cullen Bryant, our American poet. The genealogy of the Bryant family appears in this work. Mrs. Julia (Everett) Bryant was a daughter of James and Phebe (Clark) Everett. Her brother, James S. Everett, is yet living in Princeton. Marcus Bryant was educated in the town of his nativity. His early life was spent on his father’s farm, and farming was his main occupation in life. As most of the Bryants, from

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