The Rock River Rangers

The Rock River Rangers

At the suggestion of General Gaines the men and larger boys of the settlement formed themselves into a company, elected officers, and named themselves “Rock River Rangers,” and tendered their services to General Gaines, who accepted the company of fifty-eight men, and mustered them into the service. No record of this company’s enrollment has been found, it probably never having been forwarded to Washington. Judge Spencer in his “Reminiscences,” gives June 5th as the date. The following is a roster of the company:

Captain: Benjamin F. Pike. First Lieutenant: John W. Spencer. Second Lieutenant: Griffith Aubury. Sergeants: James Haskill, Leonard Bryant, Edward Corbin. Corporals: Charles French, Benjamin Goble, Charles Case, Henry Benson.  

Privates Allen, Archibald Bane, John Bartlett, Michael Been, Joseph Brashar, William T. Case, Jonah H. Dance, Russell Danforth, Joseph Davis, Thomas Frith, Isaiah Gardner, Thomas Harlan, George W. Henderson, Cyrus Hubbard, Goodridge Hubbard, Thomas Hultz, Uriah S. Johnson, Moses Kinney, John W. Kinney, Samuel Leek, Conrad Levitt, Thomas McGee, Gentry McNeil, Henry Miller, George Noble, Amos C. Sams, William F. Smith, Martin W. Stringfield, Sevier Syms, Robert Syms, Thomas Thompson, Joel Vandruff, Henry Vandruff, Joshua Vandruff, Samuel Vannetta, Benjamin Vannetta, Gorham Varner, Edward Wells, Asaph Wells, Eri Wells, George Wells, Huntington Wells, Ira Wells, Joel Sr. Wells, Joel, Jr. Wells, John Wells, Levi Wells, Rinnah Wells, Samuel


Early Settlements of Rock County 


Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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