Moline Daily Dispatch

Established July 31, 1878, by Oliver and Louise White, who came to Moline from Toulon, Stark County, where they had con-ducted the Mollie Stark. They started the Dispatch as a four-column folio. A little later is was consolidate with the Review, and thus originated the name of the Review-Dispatch, now the weekly edition of the Daily Dispatch. Samson Kennedy Was one of the successors of the Whites, and with him was Captain L. M. Haverstick. These proprietors conducted the Dispatch till in the early eighties they were succeeded by the Dean Brothers-Fred O. Dean and Jay H. Dean. When these latter had failed to make the publication pay, they were, in July of 1885, succeeded by P. S. McGlynn and John K. Groom. Mr. Groom sold out his interest in 1891 to W. F. Eastman. Since that time Messrs. McGlynn and Eastman have been editors, publishers and owners of the paper, under the style of the Moline Dispatch Publishing Company.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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