The Northwestern Advertiser

In 1845, the Whigs were again without a paper, and in November of that year, a prospectus was issued, for a new paper to be known as the Northwestern Advertiser, edited and published by Doctor Horatio P. Gatchell, who came from Cincinnati, Ohio, as a Christian (Campbellite) preacher, and Miles W. Conway. The press was purchased at Dubuque, Iowa. On the 12th of November Mr. Conway died, and this so discouraged Doctor Gratchell that he sold the paper to General William Vanderer in May, 1846. Mr. Vanderer published the paper for about a year when he sold it to Messrs., Sanders and Davis, of the Davenport Gazette, who published it a few months and then sold it to F. R. Bennett, he changing the name to the Rock Island Advertiser. Mr. Bennett continued the publication of the paper alone until 1856, when A. J. Brackett became an associate, the partnership lasting about a year, Mr. Brackett retiring. In September, 1853, Mr. Bennett, the sole proprietor since Colonel Brackett’s retirement, sold to Thomas R. Raymond and Oliver T. Wharton, who remained together until September 13, 1854, when Mr. Wharton assumed control and Mr. Raymond established a job office. The Tri-Weekly Advertiser was started in December, 1853, and in 1855 Mr. Wharton started the Daily Advertiser, which was run until the Spring of 1858. In 1856 Mr. Wharton formed a partnership with G. S. Hyatt, which did not last long. In August, 1.856, Mr. Wharton , sold the Advertiser to T. R. Raymond, and in December Doctor A. S. Paddock became interested with Mr. Raymond in its publication, which lasted about a year. The paper died in the Spring of 1858.

Source: Historic Rock Island County, pub. Kramer & Company, Rock Island, Illinois, 1908

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