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Illinois Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Illinois ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Illinois history.

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Families of Cherry Valley, Illinois
These new articles provide historical and genealogical sketches of many early families of Cherry Valley, Winnebago County, Illinois.

Illinois Obituaries
Obituaries provided from our readers

Biographies of Champaign County, Illinois
The 475 biographies from this section were extracted from the Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois written by J. R. Stewart. They are a cross reference of the residents of Champaign County, and most were alive during 1918.

Histories of Illinois Civil War Regiments and Units
The following histories of Illinois Civil War regiments and units originate from the first eight volumes of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1900-1902). The histories, some written shortly after the war’s end, are the work of numerous authors throughout the intervening years. The 1886 version of the Adjutant General’s Report included regimental histories compiled by that office which had not previously been published. The final 1900-1902 republication of the report incorporated revisions and corrections to the histories.

Portrait and biographical record of Lee County, Illinois
The “Portrait and Biographical Album of Lee County, Illinois,” created in the late 19th century, stands as a remarkable compendium of personal histories, reflecting the lives and legacies of individuals who contributed to the development of Lee County. This volume, meticulously compiled by the Biographical Publishing Company, offers a unique lens through which genealogists and historians can explore the intricate fabric of the past. As you delve into this collection, it’s essential to approach the information with both appreciation and a critical eye, recognizing its dual role as a primary and secondary source.

Morgan County Illinois Biographical Sketches

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The following states neighbor Illinois and are not listed in the Great Lakes Genealogy list below.

Great Lakes Genealogy

Biography of Ernest Wernick of Dixon Township

Ernest Wernick, born July 8, 1832, in Prussia, settled in Dixon Township, Lee County, Illinois, in 1848. A Civil War veteran and self-made man, he transformed his modest beginnings into a successful farming operation, now encompassing 514 acres. Ernest first married Mary Page, with whom he had three children: Henry, Anna, and Mary. After her death, he married Catherine Helfrich, and they had eight children: George, Minnie, Wesley, Oscar, Carrie, Vernon, Bert, and Stanley. A devout Lutheran and Republican, Ernest is renowned for his industrious spirit and significant contributions to the local community.

Biography of John D. Sitts of Franklin Grove

John D. Sitts, born January 23, 1831, in Oneida County, New York, is a longtime resident and grocery merchant in Franklin Grove, Lee County, Illinois. Coming from a family with deep American roots, his grandfather, Henry Sitts, was a Revolutionary War soldier. John moved to Illinois in 1854, initially working in railroading and later in the lumber trade before settling into the grocery business. He married Eva E. Lincoln in 1863, and they had four children: Henry B., Gertie G., Bertha C., and Helen Edna. John has been active in local politics, serving as a Justice of the Peace and…

Biography of Simon Rhodes of South Dixon Township

Simon Rhodes, born January 12, 1839, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, is a respected farmer and Civil War veteran in Lee County, Illinois. After serving in the One Hundred and Thirty-third Pennsylvania Infantry, participating in battles such as Antietam and Fredericksburg, he moved to Lee County in 1865. In 1868, he purchased a 120-acre farm in South Dixon Township, which he improved and cultivated successfully. Simon married Mary Moore, originally from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and they had six children: Emma, William, Hattie, Fred, Frank, and George (deceased). Simon is a devoted member of the Evangelical Church and a staunch Republican.

Biography of Eli Lloyd of Nelson Township

Eli Lloyd, born July 4, 1823, in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, was a pioneer of Lee County, Illinois, settling in Nelson Township in 1837. He purchased his farm on section 13 from the government and spent over half a century improving it. Eli married Adveanna Anderson, who accompanied him in pioneering life. They had three children: Anna M., Catherine, and Julius. Julius now manages the family farm. Eli also served as Street Commissioner in Dixon and was active in local politics. Adveanna, a well-educated and devout Baptist, passed away in 1891.

Biography of John Mensch of Palmyra Township

John Mensch, born May 29, 1846, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, served in the One Hundred Fortieth Illinois Infantry during the Civil War at seventeen. After the war, he returned to Whiteside County, Illinois, and later settled in Palmyra Township in 1880. He became a respected farmer and stock-raiser on his eighty-acre farm. John married Lydia Gruver, also from Pennsylvania, and they had eight children: Charles, Mary, Harry, Mabel, Kate, Edward, Evaline, and Iva. Both John and Lydia were active members of the Lutheran Church. John’s parents, Christian and Peggy (Cromley) Mensch, were early settlers in Illinois.

The Lantz Family of Cherry Valley

John Lantz emigrated to America on May 7, 1869, settling in Cherry Valley, Illinois, where he initially worked for Wallace Mackey’s father. He married Christina Wilhelmina Anderson on August 26, 1871. They had six children: Albert, May, Nellie, Jennie, Arthur, and Esther. The Lantz family lived in Cherry Valley, then on a farm east of the village, and eventually on a 240-acre farm south of Cherry Valley owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jenks. Later, they moved to a farm west of Cherry Valley. Both John and Christina are buried in the Cherry Valley Cemetery. Esther Fonken, their surviving child, lives…

The Kling and Dahlberg Families of Cherry Valley

John and Johanna Kling, Swedish immigrants, settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in 1868. They built a home on South Mill Road and, after John’s early death at 32, Johanna and their sons moved to 313 Genoa Street. Charles Kling married Alma Dahlberg, whose parents, John and Lena Dahlberg, moved to Cherry Valley from Curtiss, Wisconsin, in 1908. The Dahlbergs built homes at 526 West State Street and later moved to 117 South Cherry Street. Their granddaughter, Viola Kling Green, married Homer Green in 1937. The Greens have lived at 117 South Cherry Street since then, operating an antique shop since…

Edward Hyland Family of Cherry Valley

Edward Hyland, an Irish immigrant, established a prosperous farm in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in the mid-19th century. At his death in 1913, he was recognized as one of the wealthiest and most respected men in the area. Edward’s community involvement and religious devotion were significant, contributing to the establishment of St. Rita’s Church. His son, Charles Joseph Hyland, served as mayor for five terms and on the Winnebago County Board for 16 years. The Hyland family, including Charles’ wife Myrtle and their children, continued to contribute to Cherry Valley’s development through various community and business endeavors.

The Healy Family History of Cherry Valley

Helen Healey Monahan, born in 1916, was the daughter of Tom and Nell Healey. Tom, born in 1871 to John and Margaret Culhane Healey, was one of six siblings who mostly settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois. Nell, born in 1874 to John and Bridget Fallon, was one of 13 children. Helen married Robert Monahan in 1941. Her siblings included Lucille, John, Francis, and Monsignor Joseph Healey. The Healey family resided in several homes in Cherry Valley, with Tom working at Ray Lee’s Hardware Store and serving as Postmaster. Helen’s recollections provide a vivid portrayal of Cherry Valley’s past, its community,…

The Hall Family of Cherry Valley

Seth Everett Hall, born June 7, 1845, in Earlville, New York, married Jeanne C. Nead in 1866 and had one child, Jeannie Cornelia Hall, before Jeanne’s death in 1868. He married Fayette McNaire in 1876, having seven children. Seth and Fayette settled in Cherry Valley, Illinois, where Seth operated a nursery business and served as Mayor in 1900. The Hall family was active in local politics and community affairs, with significant contributions to Cherry Valley’s development. The family home at 518 West State Street became a local landmark. Seth Jr. continued the family legacy, marrying twice and having two children.
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