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Illinois Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Illinois ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Illinois history.

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Illinois Obituaries
Obituaries provided from our readers

Biographies of Champaign County, Illinois
The 475 biographies from this section were extracted from the Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois written by J. R. Stewart. They are a cross reference of the residents of Champaign County, and most were alive during 1918.

Histories of Illinois Civil War Regiments and Units
The following histories of Illinois Civil War regiments and units originate from the first eight volumes of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1900-1902). The histories, some written shortly after the war’s end, are the work of numerous authors throughout the intervening years. The 1886 version of the Adjutant General’s Report included regimental histories compiled by that office which had not previously been published. The final 1900-1902 republication of the report incorporated revisions and corrections to the histories.

Portrait and biographical record of Lee County, Illinois
The “Portrait and Biographical Album of Lee County, Illinois,” created in the late 19th century, stands as a remarkable compendium of personal histories, reflecting the lives and legacies of individuals who contributed to the development of Lee County. This volume, meticulously compiled by the Biographical Publishing Company, offers a unique lens through which genealogists and historians can explore the intricate fabric of the past. As you delve into this collection, it’s essential to approach the information with both appreciation and a critical eye, recognizing its dual role as a primary and secondary source.

Morgan County Illinois Biographical Sketches

Neighboring States

The following states neighbor Illinois and are not listed in the Great Lakes Genealogy list below.

Great Lakes Genealogy

Biography of George W. Hill

George W. Hill, Postmaster at Harmon, is a distinguished figure in his town’s public and political sphere and a successful merchant, originating from Fall River, Massachusetts. Born to George and Margaret Hill in 1848, he overcame the early death of his mother at less than three years old. Hill moved away at 12, worked various jobs including mining and carpentry, and established his general merchandise business in 1877. He self-educated in evening schools and accumulated substantial property through his business endeavors. Married to Gula Elma Porter, they have six children. An active Republican, Hill has held several public offices, including…

Biography of Charles A. Becker

Charles A. Becker was a pioneering settler in Palmyra Township, arriving in 1839 and remaining until his passing in 1859. Born in 1810 in Prussia, Charles fled compulsory military service and immigrated to the United States, where he practiced as a jeweler and clock-maker. Married to Mary Kessler, he ultimately settled in Lee County with her. Charles was an enterprising jeweler and the first in his trade west of Chicago, establishing a thriving farm which his widow later expanded. The Beckers were a well-regarded family in their community; many of their children married and settled nearby, contributing variously as farmers,…

Biography of John Shank

John Shank, originally from Pennsylvania, is a retired, successful landowner residing in Nachusa, Illinois. Born in 1835, he’s part of a German-origin family, with ancestors who settled early in the U.S. His grandparents, devout Mennonites, had an extensive family, and his parents lived as farmers in Lebanon County, where John was also raised. Married to Malinda Grove, the couple moved to Illinois in 1867 after starting their family in Pennsylvania. They raised five children, maintaining a close-knit family unit. A diligent farmer, John acquired significant land—830 acres across three townships, including in Iowa. Respected for his industry and integrity, Shank…

Biography of Charles F. Preston

Charles F. Preston, a notable lawyer and President of the Village Board of Trustees of Paw Paw, has significantly contributed to the development of his community. Born in 1860 in Marion Township to James H. Preston, editor of the Amboy News, and Nancy A. Maydole, Charles pursued a solid education that included attending the State Normal School and studying law at Wesleyan Law School. After teaching for two years, he was admitted to the bar in 1882 and quickly established a successful law practice. He married Ida A. Henderschott in 1886, and they have two children. Appointed Postmaster by President…

Biography of Col. Alex. P. Dysart

Col. Alex. P. Dysart, a respected military officer and legislator, has made significant contributions to his community in Illinois. Born in Pennsylvania in 1826 to a family with noteworthy ancestors, Dysart relocated to Illinois in 1845 and became an accomplished agriculturist and stock-raiser. Holding various local offices, he was also a Civil War volunteer and was honorably discharged as a Colonel. Dysart served two terms in the General Assembly, where he was influential in agricultural policy. Widely known for his integrity in both public and private life, he had a distinguished military career and is recognized for his leadership and…

Biography of Josiah L. Gray

Josiah L. Gray’s tenure as Deputy Sheriff of Lee County, beginning in December 1890, embodies a narrative of dedication and service rooted in the heart of Dixon, where he has made his home. Born in 1844 in Ogle County, Illinois, Gray’s life journey took him from the fields of Lee Center as a farmer and skilled house-building mechanic to the battlefields of the Civil War, where he served with distinction in Sherman’s Army. His post-war years saw him contributing to community and country, including efforts to quell Indian uprisings in the West. A descendant of immigrants from Ireland and Wales,…

Biography of Frank King

Frank King’s remarkable journey from a spirited youth on Staten Island to a famed ’49er and successful lumberman in Washington before settling as a distinguished farmer and stockman in Lee County in 1881, epitomizes the quintessential American dream of perseverance leading to prosperity. Born into a family of modest means, King’s adventures began with his daring move to California’s gold fields in 1849, evolving through years of hard work into a lucrative lumber business near Puget Sound. His transition to agriculture in Illinois, transforming over two hundred acres into a flourishing farm and stock haven, illustrates his enduring spirit and…

Biography of Charles A. Morris

Charles A. Morris, editor of the Paw Paw Herald, has crafted a distinguished career in journalism in Lee County, born in 1863 into a lineage marked by valiant contributions to American history. His ancestry spans from Revolutionary War heroes to Civil War soldiers, imbuing his work with a rich heritage of patriotism and dedication. This introduction traces Morris’s journey from his education at East Paw Paw Seminary to becoming a pivotal figure in local media by 1866, highlighting the intersection of his family’s military legacy and his own professional achievements. Through Morris’s story, we explore the enduring impact of familial…

Biography of William T. Tuttle

William T. Tuttle’s life story reads like a blueprint for success through intellect, and unwavering dedication. Born in Corning, New York, on May 9, 1846, Tuttle’s early life on a farm didn’t dampen his thirst for knowledge, which he pursued with relentless self-education. Transitioning from carpentry and sporadic teaching roles to becoming the esteemed Principal of Franklin Grove schools, his journey is a testament to the power of self-improvement and hard work. Alongside his educational contributions, Tuttle’s venture into journalism as the editor and proprietor of the Franklin Grove Reporter showcases his versatile talents and commitment to his community. This…

Biography of Loyd Burger

Loyd Burger’s life encapsulates the essence of American agricultural heritage and the enduring spirit of rural communities. Born on April 11, 1853, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, and relocating to Illinois in 1855, Burger’s journey from a young boy in Whiteside County to a successful farmer in Palmyra Township is a story of dedication and hard work. Operating a farm since 1888, Burger’s 157-acre tract stands as a testament to his commitment to the land and the agricultural lifestyle. His family history, deeply rooted in the trades and traditions brought from Pennsylvania and enriched by German descent, highlights a lineage of…
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